Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh What a Day!!

I held my first Workshop this week, this was something I have held off doing, the whole idea was a bit daunting for me...I still battle with the concept of wondering why people would want to buy my cards when I sell them and the thought of something like holding a class was just beyond me! But thanks to Amber (in the green jacket) and the two Kylie's who brought some of my card at the Craft Show, I 'bit the bullet' and went ahead with the assurance from Amber that these gals were 'pretty laid back' infact if they were anymore laid back, their hearts would stop beating!!' What is more - she was right!!

We had a great time and actually got three cards made...using Layers of Colors stamps - what fun to be part of a 'first.' this is the first Layers of Colors Workshop in Australia - so girls...party on - we are Trail Blazers!! Everyone went home with their cards in hand, happy with the fact that they had made something special and unique - especially those who stuck their torn embossed panel upside down - don't look too carefully!

We were also joined by my dear friend Nancy (sitting on the left) I met Nancy through Church and found we had more then stamping in common - we share our faith. I loved having Nancy there and we all had a little laugh as Nancy had just had her nails done and was finding it hard using the tape and working with the 'bling.' Last night at dinner, we kept finding bling that had either fallen off the table or had gone flying and stuck in the most amazing places...Nancy, I think we may have to register your nails as 'lethal weapons' prior to the next class OR all wear safety gear! LOL! I am only joking!!

Thank you ladies for making my first Workshop such fun...you girls ROCK!! I look forward to our next one and already have ideas ticking over in my head!

Thank you for visiting and for your comments. you know I love to know when you have been - I would hate to miss you! God bless you!


  1. OMGosh, Linda, it looks like you guys had tons of fun!!! They all look like materpieces!!!! There is nothing better than some crafting friends and fellowship!!! Looks like you guys had it all ;D. Hugs and blessing my friend, Sabrina

  2. I had been wondering how your day had gone - sounds as though you had a blast!! Isn't it great when you can share both your craft and your faith.
    I went to the craft show yesterday with another couple of women from my church - although I spent most of the day on the NZ Lace Guild display, I did manage to get some shopping done, and the time we had together was awesome.



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