Friday, July 31, 2009

Raspberry Delight

I am just loving this set called Flower Child from Layers of Color and am enjoying using it in different ways - don't you just love it when you can use a stamp in more than one style! These colours are YUMBLY (as my DH says) I am 'stretching the boundaries' of the Stampin'B. Challenge where we are to make a baby card but not use the traditional pink or blue - this is not pink, technically it is raspberry....so I am in 'by the skin of my teeth' (isn't that a horrid saying!)
It is also for the Creative Inspirations Challenge where the pearls qualify as 'Bling'...I love to try and get a card to qualify for a few challenges and this one is no exception - My Time to Craft is all about a Floral Frenzy ...and these glorgeous flowers are layered onto pink flowers...so that makes 6 flowers in all...not to mention the ones on the DP!

This card is definitely a combined effort when it comes to product...the gorgeous paper is from A blog Candy I won from Abby's Candy, the those gorgeous flowers are from another Blog Candy from Sharon, the Nestie is run off from my friend Melinda (aka melinda80) and the vintage corner is from Jocelyn (aka Jobear2) I salvaged the crotcheted lace from an old doily...one eclectic card in many ways! The image is coloured with both chalks and water colour pens...I needed to get the right tones in the leaves and just couldn't quite get there with chalks - I quite like the combo! The layered Nestie and cut out baby are popped up on dimensionals to give more depth.

Thank you for stopping by - I would love you to leave a comment if you have time - I love to know when you have been!! It is Friday evening here and I am looking forward to a quiet weekend...nest week is buy as there is the Craft Fair and I am helping on a stall for the 4 days...so 'chilling out' is the go!! Have a great weekend, whatever you do! God bless you!
Edit: I have just found another challenge to link this card to -No Time to stamp which is all abotu LOVELY LACE....I am loving the sound of this!!
and the Pile it On Challenge where watercolouring on your card is required, plus at least one other challenge - so this quallifies - YAY!!!

Hop on over to my PAD!

Yay, I have managed to make it to Mothermark's Tea Party Tuesday (ignore the fact that it is Friday there! LOL) Along the way I called into the Penny Black Saturday Challenge (oops late too - sigh!) where we had to use 3 ribbons, 2 flowers and one charm....I was thrilled to receive, amongst many others, this image of a frog, and the darling charm, from Pauline in the BLOG CANDY that I won....it is perfect for Mothermark's Tea Party which is all about frogs this week - you can check it out here:

But really Dar-r-r-lings - I see that there have been some rulz set up for this one - RULZ!?!? What are they, I heard (on the quiet,) they are made to be broken!! LOL! I will do my best to abide by them...but you may have to 'turn a blind eye every now and then - especially when I have noticed that most of my 'Twisted Sisters' have been coming along - T-R-O-U-B-L-E is ever there was! LOL!

Dar-r-r-lings I was mortified, I repeat mortified, to hear about sumos, lifeguards and being 'schnockered'....and one Tea Potter to a lily Pad - I have brought a Lily Pad that will fit HEAPS of people on...dar-r-r-lings if we are going to 'Party' then let's do it in style -'Hop on Over to My Pad'....there is room for you. I have even brought along some munchies...yes those ant brads are edible...delicious for a frog! Bearing in mind that this event takes place in a pond I chalked this frog and then touched him up with Water Colour pens...that way he would stay respectable for the whole event (this is our equivalent of Waterproof mascara!)

Did I hear Cindy mention paramedics....owwww....just quietly dar-r-r-lings...I don't mind a man in uniform...I may have to give someone a bit of 'gentle persuasion' into the pond before the night is out....look out gals...coz I is ready to party!!! On a personal note, I am delighted that we have left France...otherwise all of the frogs could be legless - skeery thought!!

Well enough chatter from me...I am off to mingle and hopefully I will catch up with you there...
Thank you for visiting, I love it when you stop by and love reading your comments - you know I LOVE to know when you have been!! It is Friday afternoon here and so sunny...windy too...but lovely and sunny! God bless you!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fleur Heart

I could not resist another card made with the lovely stamps at Layers of Color which you can find here. I have just loved creating with them...in some ways they just came together with out too much effort from me! In saying that, there was a fair bit of colouring, I just love doing that - it takes me back to my childhood. I remember winning a colouring in competition at school when I was ten years old!

I have chalked all images and lightly added Kindy Glitz to some areas....you might find this hard to believe but I am not really a BLING person, well I wasn't before I started card making. I do recognise though, that some cards are better for it, others scream for it and some...well...keep Bling away!!

The heart and cross have both been cut out and raised up on dimensionals, I have taken a close up so that you can see the overall effect, it can be hard to see in a front on photo!

The flowers are just gorgeous - PRIMAS....how adorable are they!!? I cut the leaves out from the Fleur Heart set and coloured them with chalks, adding half pears to the centre.

These are not colours I use much, but the overall effect on this card is well worth it...I really like it and will probably use them again!

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate you taking the time! Don't forget to leave a comment so I know you have been!! God bless you!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Eternal God

What a great feeling to be NEARLY caught up with my His Holy Name Challenges...this attribute is ETERNAL...quite a concept for us to think on in this disposable age....things aren't made to last never mind be eternal! It is comforting to me to know that God is not a 'passing phase' or a trend, but He is Eternal , always was and always will be!

I have the cross at the centre of this image, as it is so crucial to our faith and the red heart in the middle is symbolic of the blood that was shed for us...and the power that is in the blood of Jesus! I have used this fabulous set called Gothic Crosses from Layers of Color, along with Nature Walk - how could I resist them. If you haven't been there before make sure you pop over and have a look! The flowers are symbolic of life, both the life of God and the life in God, His beauty is all around us, always has been, when our eyes are truly opened we then see our Creator at work!

I sponged the edges of the image and the scripture, chalked all images, cutting out the Cross, flowers and leaves and popping them up on dimensionals. I then added nail bling, which I just love using....it is amazing how such small gems can do so much for a card or page!! Also, the DP had been embossed through the Cuttlebug for extra dimension! I have added a close up so you can see all of the dimension that is going on with the card - it can be hard to see front on!

I love this scripture....The King Eternal...incorruptible...the only wise God, what powerful statements, what amazing attributes....thank God that He is incorruptible....when we as people can so easily be corrupted...so I have to agree with Timothy and say 'To Him be Honour and Glory forever ....the challenge for me is not just to say it BUT to live it!!!

Thank you for stopping by, it is always such a 'buzz' for me to see that you have been and read your comments - you make my day!! God bless you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Boy Child

I could not resist making another card with this adorable image from Layers of Colour, this time I thought I would make one that is suitable for a boy! One of the things I am determined to do as a card maker is to use my stamps more than once or twice - while I was over at Layers of Color I had a good look at their Design Teams cards, I spent ages there and loved every minute of it. One of the things that I couldn't help but notice was that each stamp was used more than once, infact many times in many different ways. It makes me determined to do the same thing - well to try anyway!

I have chalked this image, mounting it onto a Gold Scalloped Nestie (thanks to my friend melinda80) The DP is from a Blog Candy that I won from Abby at Abby's Garden - I am using it sparingly as I love it and can't stand the thought of running out of it! I sponged around the edges, then added sponged embossed CS which has been sponged with a dauber and I love the effect...usually I rub the ink pad over the embossing, but I am pleasantly surprised with this result...I like the 'shadowing' effect that it has! I scalloped the edge with the SU Border Punch and sponged down the edge of that! Those adorable wings are also from Layers of Color, Regal Wings. I chalked them and then added light gold highlights with a Gold Glitter pen. It is very effective IRL, but sadly, capturing it with the camera is an elusive dream!!! The buttons are attached with dimensions, just to give them that little bit of lift! The final touch is the Kaiser string of pearls that I have used on the top right of the card!

Thank you for visiting, I appreciate you making the time to come. Please feel free to leave a comment so I know you have been - I would HATE to miss you!!! God bless you!

Flower Child

This is my card for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge... I love this challenge, the sketches always have something that takes you 'outside the square' and I love that!

I enjoyed it even more as I used these gorgeous stamps from Layers of Color. It was 'love at first sight' for me when I came across their site and I have used this set called Flower Child. If you haven't been there before, make sure you go and have a look, you won't be sorry!

The image has been coloured with chalks and sponged around the edges, than layered onto a Scalloped Rectangle Nestie (thanks to Melinda80), which I lightly sponged. This was attached to the DP with dimensionals to give depth. I added some shading to the wings , which are from the Layers of Color set, 'Regal Wings'- with chalks and then lightly added Kindy Glitz to give them a bit of shimmer, these too are attached with dimensionals! The lower panel is embossed the with Textured Textiles Embossing Folder, torn and slightly sponged. I used chiffon ribbon and thread it through those lovely little pearl buckles...I really like the effect this has. The pearls added above the Nesties is the finishing touch! I have just loved making this card...I love the vintage feel it has, touching on nostalgic!

Thank you for looking and for your encouraging comments - you make my day...don't forget, if you haven't been over the the MMSC, you are missing out - it is more and more fun by the week!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Perfect Moment

Well... it would have been a perfect moment if I was on time with this card - just as well the Twisted Sisters are gracious!!! This weeks Twisted Sister Challenge is to create a card using orange, it must have spots, ribbon, scallops and we had to have used a punch and I have met all of those....so maybe this week I will get moved from the back of the bus (we travel on a thread called the 'Old Broken bus' )!!

I love this image sent to me from my lovely sister Pat Smethers, on the quiet I think I have half of Pat's craft supplies in my cupboard! LOL! As soon as I saw it I thought that it could be one of us on Family Night - we love to chill out....funnily enough whenever we have Pizza the kids say,' we love it when Dad cooks!' Dad is a cook by trade - go figure! LOL! I chalked the image and used the Scalloped Border Punch to do the corners and used my 'Ticketed' punch for the sentiment, the spots are on the DP behind the image and the ribbon, well hopefully you can see that...and yes, there is orange on the card! Finally I have a double scalloped border ( do you see that O Twisted Ones?!? LOL!)

I hope this makes up for me being late, only by a day and what a day - it has been crazy here!! It is actually Sunday morning here (12:20am) I am off to an all day Stamp Camp tomorrow and had better get myself to bed...I would hate to make mistakes when we are having Christmas in July and making ten Christmas cards, doing ten techniques - I am so-o-o looking forward to that!!

Thank you so much for stopping by, I love to know you have been, so if you have time, please leave a comment - it makes my day! God bless you!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

His Holy Name Challnge - Jealous

I can't believe I am so late with this challenge, this is one of those times you are so grateful there is no time limit with a challenge, I am trying to get caught up with the His Holy Name Challenge, I have two more to do before the next one comes out! I love doing these studies and endeavour to do them in the two weeks we have, sometimes life just gets hectic...but that is when I really need to take the time out to study God's Word.

I have distressed DP from DCWV, those fabulous hands are part of a RAK from one of my Twisted Sisters, Pat Smethers, it was Pat who first encouraged me to do these challenges, I saw her pages up in the gallery and knew I wanted to be involved...thank you Pat...you are such a precious friend and sister to me - I am so thankful to God that we have 'linked arms' for our journey!!! The flames are also off DP from Pat! I cut out the hands and coloured them with chalks, added the flames which represent God being a consuming fire, and also the 'world', which is symbolic of us, God's people. The heart represents of God's love.

When I first became a Christian I thought that God being a JEALOUS God was a contradiction to the fact that we all know so well - God is Love...and love is not jealous!! James 3:14-17 tells us how bitter jealousy and contention in your heart, is earthly, beastly, devilish. But the wisdom from above is firstly truly pure, then peaceable, forbearing, yielding, full of mercy and of good fruits, not partial and not pretended. Jealousy as we know it is a negative thing but God's Jealousy is positive, it protects, nutures and grows us! It is very sobering to see the effects of bitter jealousy - and how easily it happens whether it be over a possession, friend, Church position or 'ministry'! Thank God for His love and heart for us, His jealousy is not related to envy, but speaks more to me of 'protective' - in the same way those of us who are parents are 'jealous' over our children. We want to protect them from the blows that life can bring, from the things that will harm them, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and to nuture them in a loving environment, far away from anything that can hurt or damage them...We can be 'jealous' of our friends, Church, anything that we love. God is jealous over us and wants our love for Him to be our priority - for our sakes...He wants us to love Him with our whole heart, not in between sports events, TV shows or (dare I say it) craft events....He is a JEALOUS God and wants us in our totality! I am grateful that God is JEALOUS over me!! The saying that Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven' to me is such a 'cop out'...it isn't an excuse...we are committed to the process of being perfected...so no wonder God is 'JEALOUS' over us - I don't know about you, but I am not always the quickest leaner!!

Thank you for visiting and for your comments, I love to know when you have been - it means so much to me!!! I hope you are having a good weekend, it is Saturday afternoon here and cold - sunny but cold - great craft weather! LOL! God bless you!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Recycling Galore!

I was inspired by the 2RB Challenge this week to reuse, so instead of making new cards yesterday I decided to go through some of the ones I had made when I first started stamping and 'bring them into this century!' You know what it is like when your supplies are limited and you haven't found your 'style' yet....so I have four that I have done, they are not what I would typically do today, but I have added more on each card and this is the results....

This one would be my favourite of the four. I added the stamped image, which I had cut around and sponged then added, lightly, some clear Kindy Glitz randomly along the branches for added dimension. I then tore the BG paper and sponged it, adding an extra strip along the base of the tree - for a final touch three buttons were added . This card is so much nicer and has more 'EVERYTHING' to it!
This next one was made from a DieCut Christmas Decoration which was given to me by a neighbour...I thought that sweet little face should be on a card. I added the vintage corners sent to me by one of my Twisted Sisters, Judy Kell and also a variety of flowers under the cherub...I love the centre flower, which was part of the Blog Candy that I won from Abby - it is a PRIMA and stunning, almost velvet like with a chunky glitter finish - stunning. The buttons are also recycled and were given to me by a Mum from the kids school...and those lovely MS punched branches are from another Twisted Sister Lesley (aka Marleygo) who keeps an eye on my cards and when she sees I have used a lot of the branches, butterflies or birds she has punched out for me, she sends more - God bless that girl!!!
This card was very basic , I thought it was CAS back then, but looking back I see it was just BORING!! LOL!! You have to be able to be objective with your own work, don't you...it helps us evolve!! I added the strip of recycled lace (no more lace edged doily's in our house) and that gorgeous gold flower that was part of a RAK from my SCS friend Pam (aka pam124) and topped with another gorgeous flower from Abby's Candy!!
This final card would be my 'least' favourite...if I wasn't so tired (we are talking 12:30am here) I would have taken the whole thing apart and redone it totally, but I added the gold buttons, which are recycled and also those great photo corners which are part of a RAK from another Twisted Sister, Pat Smethers...and those gorgeous Dew Drops are from yet another Twisted Sister Peggy (aka Marilyn Prestonn) As you can see these girls have really looked after me, they have kept my supplies topped up, along with the rest of the Twisted Sisters - all of my cards come packed with LOVE from all around the world, thank you my many stamping friends - you are all the best!!
Thank you taking the time to visit, I love reading your comments - you know I like to know when you have stopped in!! Don't let these photos fool you...it looks like a lovely day out there...but it is freezing...around minus three thousand five hundred and twenty nine degrees Celcius - well-l-l-l, okay a slight exaggeration! LOL! God bless you!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Candy Galore...

Today 'Postman Pat' brought this bundle of delights for me, Blog Candy from Pauline in England....as much as I love getting this Candy, I feel the real blessing is in getting to know Pauline and others that I have met through Blog Hopping, Blog Candies and cardmaking - there are so many benefits to this passion of ours!!
This is my first Penny Black Set and I have to say I love it - Sharon (aka *Doris*) on SCS sent me some stamp off od this EXACT set and then I went to catch up with my friend Hannah (aka bubblefrog) she had just brought it....then I won it...and all of the other gorgeous goodies that come with it....papers, Card stock, charms, flowers, ribbons...and all of those Penny Black images...enough to do a Challenge each week - thank you so much Pauline...you have fed my addiction even more than it is!! I am looking forward to getting stuck into these goodies....my mind is running ahead of me...I hope I manage to catch up with it!! LOL!!
Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely comments you have been leaving me - I appreciate you taking the time....you know I love to know when you have been!! Don't forget to check out the Blog Candies on the side bar....you will find some amazing Blogs along the way and meet the most fantastic people!!God bless you!

Who's Counting Anyway!?!?

These Emerson gals have got it all together, I love this comment...we think of it as birthdays...but really it is such a truth - we can take life for granted and forget that each day is a blessing! Thank you to Sharon (Aka *Doris* on SCS) for the Emerson images she sent me - I am having a lot of fun with them, and have a few birthdays coming up...so look out friends!!! LOL!

This card is for a new challenge I found through one of the followers of my blog (I love to find new blogs) it is called The Kaboodle Doodles Challenge Blog where it is all about buttons and bows - now I have to say here, I made this card without double checking the challenge and used ribbon and a button, but it was only AFTER I had finished the card that I realised that I had no bow - I am hoping that that gorgeous ribbon with 'Hugs & Kisses' over it will be fine....I would have lost that sentiment if I had made a bow!!!

The image was chalked and then I added the BLING - Kindy Glitz on the dress and CE on the cup and saucer, which I had already coloured with a red glitter pen, along with the flower on the hat! IRL this card is BLINGY and shimmers like crazy - it is so hard to capture it on camera!

This other card is the same image (you had already noticed that hadn't you!?!) but I did a different layout but added the same amount of BLING and shimmer!! Just thought I would use up some of those offcuts that build up - I think I can nearly see my desk now...LOL!! Hopefully I will actually get it tidy once I have made a few more cards...I am trying to get ahead with birthday cards, there are a few birthdays coming up in the Twisted Sisters and I want to allow for posting oversea....which is so unpredictable!!!

Thank you for visiting and for all the encouragement you have given me with your comments, I love seeing that you have been!! I hope you are having a great day, or for those of you who are about to go to bed - sleep well! God bless you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Tea Party Time - in Paris

This week's Mothermarks TeaParty takes us all the way to Paris....how we got there is a 'whole 'nother show!' and you can read all about it here, as frankly Dar-r-r-ling, keeping up with everything and everyone is exhausting, especially when we are travelling by bicycle (just as well I took the time to 'get into shape' all those weeks ago - when the Sumo's came to the TeaParty!!

Can you believe that we are heading to The Tour De France! Cindy has told us just to look for the riders and that's where we are and to bring our bicycles, our fastest one! Apparently we are going to give this racing a shot - oh Cindy Dar-r-r-ling - ahemm - dream on, there is no way this 'toned butt' is going to be subject to that 'tiny seat' for any length of time....you my fearless Leader...are delusional!!!! Now this is sounding more rational - just in case we get bored with riding, we need to have a little basket attached to the handle bar so that when we blow off the Peloton to do some shopping, you'll have somewhere to carry all your stuff!! No back door for me this week dar-r-r-lings...as you can see I have my bicycle and basket, which you may notice is NOT on the handle bards but on the back - that is because TECHNICALLY, you can balance more in it!! LOL!! You see I have had time to think things through on the trip here!!

I did bring a few little 'friends' with me, my gorgeous puppy Molly, who just loves being part of things....and a darling little joey (baby kangaroo) I found at the airport - just couldn't resist!! I thought he would make a great gift for someone...maybe even Miss Peggy...who has a 'soft spot' for Australia in her heart!! Please keep your eye on that mouse riding the snail...I hear they are everywhere in the race - I think one may have crossed Peggy's path too...maybe others!!

I must also mention - this is my first card for the 365 Days Challenge - wouldn't we all love that - a card a day - basically I do that, but I am sure I miss somedays along the way...I am sure I will find heaps of inspiration here!!!

So dar-r-r-lings, thank you so much for dropping by, I do love to see that you have been, your comments make my day - while 'in my mind' I am in Paris, In reality I have been 'cleaning house' and started with the kids rooms, after an hour, I had only succeeded in filling my washing machine with all the clothes that they lovingly had NOT hung up - when I found a gardening tool under one bed...I realised that I really didn't need to be doing this...so think of me today...I am not going to have one happy child after school when she realises what is ahead of her....LOL...or NOT!!! God bless you!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yahoo - Abby's Candy

Who doesn't love Candy - especially Blog Candy!!! This afternoon when I got home there was a HUGE box waiting for me and it was the Blog Candy I won from Abby - I loved discovering her Blog, her work is totally gorgeous, whimsical and romantic with a vintage flair - who wouldn't love that!! I am so thrilled with the Candy....from those gorgeous PRIMA's to the Scalloped Punch!! I can't wait to play with it all!
I have won a few Candies now and each time I yell with delight...the family has gone from an excited "what did you win' to 'MORE?!' The xcitement will never wear off for me!! I link as many candies I can find to my Blog and they are there for you to enter, a lot of them are not necessarily for those with Blogs...make sure you read each one fully....it would be awful if you missed out! One thing is for sure....you have to be in it - to win it!! It can happen to you...I have never won anything before these Candies....and....just on the quiet, I have another one on the way, which I will show you as soon as it gets here!!
Thank you for looking, don't forget to check out the Candy....it;s there for the winning - if you find some that I don't have linked, just let me know and I will add it to the 'CANDY BAR!!' God bless you!

Calling all Coffee Lovers

There is nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning - I love to savour it!!! I realise coffee is not everyone's thing - but it is for many of us - I am a professional coffee drinker...and love it!! I do have to say though, I have gone from 4-6 brewed cups of coffee a day down to 1, maybe 2 and that is fine...but...how true is this sentiment!?!

Another Emerson and another great sentiment - love these quirky gals - according to two of the boutiques that sell may cards they really appeal to the 40 -60 age bracket - so that put me in my place - no more denial - sigh!!

This card is for the Die cut Dreams Challenge which Susie and Vikki run each week - it is a lot of fun - if you haven't already checked it out - you need to! This weeks theme is Black and White....as tempting as it was to do an elegant card, which B&W just scream for, I did a CLASSIC - and there is nothing more 'classic' than Emersons!! LOL!

I have also used recycled packaging from a 'faux fur' throw rug we brought and have used the SU Eyelets Border Punch on it - so hello 2RedBananas who are all about reuse, recycle and reduce this week! I love it when I can do more than one challenge with the one card - it's a bit of a 'buzz'. So with that in mind The Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge for this week is all about Shimmer and this card has that - I have used CE on the sunnies and the coffee cup, as well as silver and charcoal glitter pens on this gal's dress and the chair - you can't have an Emerson gal with out the bling (in my opinion!)

Thank you for coming by and seeing what I have been up to - please leave a comment so I know you have been, you know I would hate to miss you!!! I hope you have a great day....it is fast approaching evening here....time just flies!! God bless you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Always Beautiful

Soft and sweet is the theme for the Penny Black Saturday Challenge this week - which suited me as I had these papers on my desk ready to go away - how much better to be able to use them on a card - multi-tasking - love it!! This image is one of the ones my friend Sharon (aka*Doris*) sent me....another adorable hedgie - too cute to resist!!

I have chalked the hedgie and added some Kindy Glitz to the greenery in the basket and to the butterflies (which qualifies it for the Stampin.B Challenge). The image is layered onto a pink Nestie (thanks to Melinda80) and I have paper pierced the edges and sponged them....I just love the effect sponging has - not that it is any surprise to anyone! LOL!

It was layered into embossed green CS with strips of torn and sponged DP added down the side. A Die Cut Swirl was added and layered flowers in top of that. I then added flowers with button brads and a sponged sentiment with mini pink pearls added.....I am thinking this is soft and sweet, with butterflies....so I am good in every department - no rules broken!!

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate you taking the time...please leave a comment so I know you have been - you know I love to see you!! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend...it is Monday here....the kids are back to school and it is very quiet...a bit strange after 3 weeks of noise, but lovely all the same!!! God bless you!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge

This is my sketch for this weeks Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge...it is hard to believe it is week 10 already. I have taken part in every week and have loved it. For those of you who haven't been there yet - you had better check it out here. Not only are the sketches brilliant but they have the most amazing monthly prizes too PLUS Priscilla Styles has Candy and it is ... A BIG SHOT - yes you ready it right ...a BIG SHOT - you don't have to have played or be a follower to enter for the Candy either...it is open to everyone!!

This gorgeous image is actually DP which was given to me by my good friend Melinda (aka Melinda80), as soon as she saw it, she knew I would love it...and she was right. Instantly I knew it would be for the MMSC. The Embossed paper is from a chocolate box, hasn't it come out great....and this qualifies it for the 2RedBananas Challenge for this week which is all about reusing and recycling! I have also squeezed it into the Our Creative Corner Challenge which is all about Triple Play - use 3 different types of embellishments!

I have lightly coloured the image with chalks, just to add a hint of colour and some depth, I also wanted to tie in the fringing, which I picked up in a bargain bin at our local Craft Store, 'Scraps'n things' when I first started stamping! I used the photo corners that came in a RAK from one of my Twisted Sisters, Pat Smethers and added a specialist cameo button that was given to me, among many other goodies in a RAK from another dear friend Pam (aka pam124) Black brads finished it off nicely!!

I love the vintage/nostalgic feel to this card and those ladies are gorgeous - I am sure they are NOT off to a Stamping Up Workshop - LOL, well not one that I have been to anyway...imagine inky fingers all over those clothes!!

Thank you for dropping in, I appreciate each comment that is made and love to know when you have been. This blogging journey is just such a pleasure - those who know me laugh and say it is because they say I am a 'talker!' What is with that!?!? LOL! I love people and getting to know them - and that is what this journey has been all about. I am so glad you have taken the time to join me along the way!! I hope you are having a great weekend - mine has been so relaxed, my kids start back at school tomorrow after a 3 week break - imagine trying to get back into routine tomorrow morning.....ahhh!!! God bless you!
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Touch of Heaven

Who doesn't love these Penny Black Hedgies - they are adorable. This is an image that I was sent by my friend *Doris* on SCS and I just love it - then I found I had won Pauline's Blog Candy and this exact set was part of it - how exciting!!

So...if I make the deadline (but I am pushing it) plus my computer is slow at the moment....this will be my first card for the Penny Black Saturday Challenge....which is all about SWIRLS. It is also for Carol's Sketch Fun and StampinB, who have asked for Butterflies as their challenge this week - can you see the butterfly?!?! I had planned on having a bigger one but it threw the balance out .

The image is chalked with Kindy Glitz added to the flowers and these gorgeous flowers were part of a Blog Candy I received this week from Sharon. It is the first time I have used these 3D flowers with a card and won't be the last!! I am also entering this card for Crystals Blog Candy, where you get a second chance at it if you make a card with a celebration theme - this here hedgie is celebrating life's moments....

I have a little bit more info and will come back and edit but computer time is LOW...C U when I come back - and I will do my linking them too!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Guys

It is Friday and you know what that means - the Twisted Sister Challenge - this week was given by the newbie, Mrs Boz...and what a standard she has set!! The requirements are: 'NO neutrals except black, brown or dark gray. NO WHITE, NO IVORY, NO VANILLA! You get the picture. You can use dp all you want and possibly stamp your images on that. You can also use light colors such as light yellows or pinks for your main image panel, or use dark colors and stamp with white. Any embellies are OK.'

Now I have stayed within these boundaries, even though I did comment that I would have to bend the rulz - but really I have pushed them to their limits NOT bent them! Can you see what it is...well, the GENUINE image is stamped on Creme card (NOT white, ivory or vanilla) I am drawing upon a technicality...just call it artistic licence! Then take into consideration that the image is from a RAK from Sistah Pat Smethers...do I need to say anymore!?!? LOL!!

I have done a scrapbook page for this weeks challenge and have used light blue/green patterned DP (my favourite SU set of all time!) and inked it with Tim Holtz Distressing Ink, which is brown, as are the faux buckle and hinges. I have also stamped my sentiment in brown....so how am I doing so far!?!? All hardware is the tarnished look (technically brown) and the envelopes are a light brown.

The subjects of my page are my DH and DS - I just love this photo of them...it shows the love and bond that they have and is so natural as well. I am working my way through 4 B&W's that my DH had in frames and then they disappeared...but not for long...they are now in my scrapbooking folder, waiting to be scrapped and tell a story! Speaking of that - behind the main envelope is a hidden journaling tag with 'DAD' embossed in bronze on the front and journaling on the back! I love the hidden journaling and will probably use it on most pages.

So there you have it - I hope it meets your requirements - I have already been banished to the 'back of the bus' with one of my Twisted Sisters Lesley - coz we both believe that RULZ are meant to be broken - LOL! We are the only ones that DARE to say it out loud! Personally, I love the back of the bus - we always had a lot of fun there - until I got travel sick - so be warned SISTAHS!!!

Thank you for dropping in - I would love you to leave a comment so I know you have been - it makes my day!!! My eldest two are at Youth Group after us spending a good part of the day at the Ten Pin Bowling Alley with around 20 kids - me....well, I took some colouring to do and managed to get two images done - now - that's my kind of bowling!! God bless you!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's a Dog's Life!

These Dog Stamps from Inkadinkado are irresistible.....they are from the bonus prize I won over at the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge a few weeks ago, This card is for the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenge - you got to love that one!!! Being of a dog, with a paw print on it it also meets the criteria for the Our Creative Corner Challenge and the CCEEC....it now becomes a Triple Challenge!!

The dog is embossed and then sponged with distressing ink. The DP is embossed card through the Cuttlebug and I have inked it and added the relevant ink colours - I was happy with the result! The paw brad seemed the perfect finishing touch...and then of course, there is the paper piercing!!

So a quick post tonight, once again I am trying to get to bed before 12 - we have organised to take the kids Ten Pin Bowling with any of their friends that want to come - so there will be at least a dozen - maybe 20...and I am going to need my sleep - to cope with the noise factor alone!! Some of the parents are staying for coffee, but last count I heard we are bringing 3 back here for the day - bye bye stamping - BUT we will see!!

Thanks you coming by and for your comments...you know I love finding out that you have been. Hope you are having a great day - where ever you are! God bless you!

Glitz and Glamour!

Glitz and Glamour...that's what the Die cuts Dream Challenge is all about this week....and this card sure has it goin' on - from the Margarita to those outrageous corners...put on your sunnies if you plan on having a long look! This card did not start off having this much shimmer happening....BUT I thought I would add a little bit of clear Kindy Glitz to the punched corners, for a little bit of extra subtle pizazz - well I wasn't prepared for this result - it went green....what's that all about!?!? Not that it was a problem as it went with the colours I had used - PHEW!!

To me, even with all of this shine, that card was flat UNTIL I added the Dimensional Magic in the sun glasses and it just came to life - isn't it amazing how BIG an effect something so little can have. It is the smaller, finer details that can make the difference!!

The image was coloured with chalks and a little bit of clear Kindy Glitz added to the drink, which is really effective IRL...Layered Flowers added with a large brad and some paper piercing around the edges!! Very straight forward BUT I am happy to say that it is the last of the humerous cards done...I finished it a few days ago and haven't gotten around to uploading it (head dropped in shame! LOL!)

Thank you for looking and for your comments - I have been so blessed and encouraged by you all...It is hard to believe that I have been blogging for 9 weeks and have done over 100 posts - not bad for some one who didn't want to Blog, but my DH knew better - what a guy - he knew I would love it!! But I couldn't have done it without your visits and your support - thank you so much - I appreciate each one of you!! God bless you!!

Sugar Free & Loving It!!

Don't you just love it when the postman comes - I do - my postie and I have a 'thing' going...it's all on paper! LOL! Today he brought me some lovely goodies - the first being a Blog Candy I won a little while ago, from Sharon....how adorable is this YUMBLY lot!! It is my first Sarah Kay stamp - yahoo!! I have just the challenge in mind for it too - so thank you Sharon - you can check out her Blog here! I love those roses too - it will be new to me using them on cards - I am so-o-o looking forward to that!

Next came these gorgeous Sticky Ribbons and Stickers that I won in Week 2 of the Die cut Dreams Challenge...this is a fairly new challenge and you can check it out here if you haven't already! I am loving it, I try and look around for new challenges and 'have a go!' Susie and Vikki have some great ideqas and the challenges are always fun!!

Then...I thought I would show you this fabulous card that came from one of my Twisted Sisters, Peggy (aka Marilyn Prestonn) I just loved this card when Peggy uploaded it for the Inspiration Challenge on SCS a few weeks ago, infact I based my IC card on Peggy's...and surprise...it arrived in the post for me, along with these gorgeous images. If you don't know Peggy already you need to check out her gallery...she is one of the Darlings on SCS and it is not uncommon to pick up the phone and hear her voice on the end of it - an hour later we think about hanging up...but never say 'goodbye!' In our family we say 'I'll see you when I am looking at you!' It is not so final!! Peggy has become affectionately known as 'Auntie Giggles' in our family....thank Peggy....for this gorgeous card - I love it BUT not as much as I love you my friend!!!

Thanks for looking - I just had to show you what arrived today...I just love it when the postman comes!! Just on the quiet - I have won two more Candies and will just HAVE to show them to you too - you need to enter the Blog Candies that I have listed on my sidebar, after all - 'you have to be in it - to win it!!' I hope you are having a great day - God bless you!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pur-r-r-fect Group Photo

It is time again for Mothermark's Tea Party and this week we are grounded.....except me that is as I am have to fly to get there!!! As you can see it is all about cats this week, and chefs and POT LUCK - we all bring a dish to share - skeery!! Well Dar-r-r-lings as an animal lover I am thrilled to have such adorable creatures amongst us....I managed to sneak this Group Photo out of the Party so those of you who aren't able to attend can see what is going on - what a gorgeous crowd of gals - can you pick 'who is who' - I am not sure but I think that Peggy is there trying to disguise herself as Tigger, Mothermark is there too - now dar-r-r-lings, which one could she possibly be - I think I caught a glimpse of Marilynn!?! What about Dawn and that fire carrying cat of hers, really Dar-r-r-lings - have you ever heard of such a thing....the things people do to get noticed - you wouldn't catch someone of my 'breeding' doing that - LOL!!

...Ooops, there seems to have been a mishap with my little Kitty on the wall...oh no - she has knocked over her cup of tea...or...is she being pulled from behind by Darla who is at her first Tea Party, surely not..Darla is so sweet....no I think it might be Shirley whose C-O-O-L cats with their shade,s thought they had stolen the show, but honestly Dar-r-r-lings, their heads had swelled so BIG that we couldn't fit them in the photo...poor babies, but what is a girl to do!!! I am not really sure who would do something so terrible...I do know they may have their 'noses out of joint' by the gorgeous CAT sticker that was sent to me in a RAK from by Twisted Sister Judy Kell - how adorable it is ( I think it may have been for my DD's - opps!! Sorree!! LOL!) As you can see each of these 'Tea Party' Babes has signed this card with a special little footprint, could be worth BIG $$'s in years to come...but for now it certainly qualifies for the Our Creative Corner Challenge and the CCEEC - how exciting Dar-r-r-lings...it is party central here!!!

Also made this card for the 2RedBananas Sketch Challenge this week....I have seen from the photo that I didn't define the corners as I had intended...but have done since the photo...so hopefully it will still sneak into that challenge Dar-r-r-lings - that would be purr-r-r-fect!!!

Well, I am off to mingle and see exactly what POT LUCK means in America - I am thinking on this occasion it might mean it is POT LUCK if you get anything!!! LOL! Thanks for visiting, I would love you to leave a comment so I know you have been - I would hate to miss you!! God bless you!!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Elegant Embossing

Time for some fun stamping...I have finished the order of twenty cards to be delivered tomorrow and needed a few general cards to go with them...I think I have eye strain from all the colouring of images over the past 3 weeks - 50 in all!! So I thought embossing would be a nice change. I have not inked up this Flourishes image before and I have to say, it makes a lovey card so easily! I sponged around the edges and also in the middle, adding a flower, which was part of a RAK from my friend Pam (aka pam124) and added a button!

This was layered on paper from Memory Box and knotted ribbon was added - this was also from Pam (aka pam124) .

I also used the Flora and Fauna set from Kaiser along with the SU Wonderful Words (that you have got to love!) and used the Fiskar border punch (Sunburst) very simple card finished off by adding some sponging and paper piercing! It is a popular card at 'The Shabby Attic' so I made it in a couple of colours! I am still thinking about inking the butterfly on the pink and green one!!
Thank you for looking, I know it takes time to comment and I appreciate all of the comments that have been left for me - I love hearing from you and read every comment - you bless me. I have also enjoyed popping across to each of your blogs and seeing so many gorgeous cards - there is so much inspiration out there!! God bless you!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calling All Shoppers!

I am loving these two Emerson Gals...they 'say it all' really!! I was sent these in a RAK from Sharon (aka *Doris* on SCS) Thank you so much Sharon, I have enjoyed them immensely!! I just love the look on this gals face - what a classic expression! The funny thing is, I am not really a shopper - well, let me clarify that...if I was going to craft supplies or something along those lines - count me in - but just for looking and browsing - it drives me mad!! I am continually conscious of the time being wasted, it is not at all relaxing....BUT I have plenty of friend who LOVE to 'shop until they drop' so they are going to identify with these all the way!!

I have used this weeks Sketch Challenge and Mojo Monday again as I am really enjoying it, they also fits with these cards really well. Personally, I love these colours together....I still have not cut into any new pages and have not even made a dent in the scraps...but I am doing my best! I have also had my first introduction to PRIMAS...and I love them - how pretty is this one, which is part of a BLOG CANDY I won from Judy (aka StampingQueenJAR) yet another thing we don't get here (as far as I know) I also used a flourish that I have sitting in a zip lock bag - I went mad one day and just cut heaps of them - now I am trying to use them more!! These Emerson gals are coloured with chalks, with a little bit of Glitter Pen used on their outfits for highlights!!

Thank you for stopping by, I have another couple of Emerson's to use and will make some more tonight, different images again...which makes it so much fun! I am hoping to get a little bit more done before my two DD's get home around 9pm this evening from the snow. They have had a great time...my littlest DD is so cute, so independent in many ways...but when she is away she just loves to text and 'touch base!' She sent one at 1am and 6:30am and then proceeded to try and have a whole conversation by text....don't you just love that - I hope she always feels that way. DD2, well she rang yesterday afternoon, in amongst all of the noise and spent most of the time yelling out to her friends and the new ones she has made...she is a PARTY WAITING FOR SOMEWHERE TO HAPPEN!! It was so lovely to hear that they had been having devotions...as a parents, we are so thankful that our kids peers are Christians and great kids, we try and ENCOURAGE them to stay with this group and steer them away for negative influences - such a hard thing to do without making them think we are controlling them...this parenting...we never get off our 'L' Plates do we...learning each day!! I am sure you know the feeling!

I hope you are having a great weekend with your family and friends....God bless you and hopefully, I you will come back and visit!!
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yeah Right!!!!

I have used the same papers with these card but done two different Sketch Challenges. It is surprising what a difference it can made. This is the best way for me to make multiples of the one card....keeps it interesting!!

The first Sketch Challenge is the MOJO Monday Challenge, I am really enjoying this particular one and have found it works well with this style card - I don't usually use 3 bold DP's together, but in this case, with this sketch I am liking it!!

The other challenge is the Sketch Challenge over on SCS, this is a particularly good one too, for using more than one DP and also using up scraps. I haven't cut into one new piece of DP for these cards...I am using up some of the DP's I have had lying around - what a good feeling!

These images have been chalked and everything else is pretty self explanatory. The recipes for this card can be found in my gallery on SCS. I have done two different Emersons and will post them tomorrow - I think the colours of these are gorgeous and they may well be the funniest ones yet!!

Thanks for stopping in, please don't forget to leave a comment, so I can see that you have been!! Have a great weekend. God bless you!

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You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog!!

It is Saturday here and I am late for one of my favourite challenges...the Twisted Sister Challenge...but it is still Friday there, just so hopefully I will just squeeze in on time - there is no pressure from them, just myself!! Now there are a couple of good reasons why I am late....the challenge was to make a card and name it by a song title...well...there were three possibilities for this....they are:

1 Puppy Love 2. Paper Roses (a clever suggestion by DH); and 3 You're Nothing But a Hound Dog...

which I have used...but am still torn...so that was a bit of a hold up...but the other reason is that I just couldn't get my head around this card....yesterday we got a phone call from Judy,the lady that bought one of our first puppies, Rosie is about 18 months old now...I hand reared her and her brother...little Rosie is sick and it is terminal...they are not sure how long she has..it could be 6 months, 12 or she could just go in her sleep....I had a little cry and then felt flat all day...but today...I thought I would make this card for Judy, the lady who bought her and loves her dearly....we babysit her (Rosie the puppy NOT Judy) from time to time!!! It is very sad, she is just adorable!! Anyway...enough of that and onto the business side of this card!!

It is also for MojoMonday, I have enjoyed using that layout, it worked well with this image from Jocelyn (aka JoBear2) I lightly sponged around the edges of all layers before mounting it on black. The brads and the sentiment, which is also a brad are from a BLOG CANDY that I won from Kimmie some weeks ago....they work so well with this layout. It also fits a third Challenge...Stamping for the Weekend, which is exactly what I am doing, where the theme is chocolate strawberries YUMBLY, as my DH would say!!! Brown and red are great together....so there you have it...one finished card!!

Thank you for visiting and for your comments...I love knowing that you have been - you make my day!! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and get some 'you' time!! God bless you!!
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Grace just gave me this sweet award and I am honored to accept it. Thank you Grace! Please check out Grace's blog for some real inspirational! Here are the rules for this award:
1 By accepting this award you acknowledge that the giver LIKES YOUR STYLE
2 You agree to post this proudly on your site and include a post linking back to the giver
3 And because there are so many blogs out there that you like their style you will share this award with them...however many that might be...
Please check out these blogs when you have a chance:
I will add to this later, just wanted to get this up and these ones out!! It is very early Saturday morning here...my DD's have headed off to the snow with the Youth Group at 5:30am, just leaves me home with DH and DS...who is very quiet - it is going to be very strange around here....DD1 threw some things together last night at 10:30pm, DD packed 2 days ago with lists of all that both girls had to take, ticking it off as DD1 packed last night - she even packed 4 carrots for snowmans noses - which one do you think I am like!! LOL!! I hope you have a great weekend...enjoy your family!! My beautiful Nana had two things to tell me before she dies - one being 'Family is God's blessing on earth!' How true there is - so make sure you enjoy yours...if you don't have one - email me and join ours - there is always room for one more!!! God bless you!