Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Tea Party Time - in Paris

This week's Mothermarks TeaParty takes us all the way to Paris....how we got there is a 'whole 'nother show!' and you can read all about it here, as frankly Dar-r-r-ling, keeping up with everything and everyone is exhausting, especially when we are travelling by bicycle (just as well I took the time to 'get into shape' all those weeks ago - when the Sumo's came to the TeaParty!!

Can you believe that we are heading to The Tour De France! Cindy has told us just to look for the riders and that's where we are and to bring our bicycles, our fastest one! Apparently we are going to give this racing a shot - oh Cindy Dar-r-r-ling - ahemm - dream on, there is no way this 'toned butt' is going to be subject to that 'tiny seat' for any length of time....you my fearless Leader...are delusional!!!! Now this is sounding more rational - just in case we get bored with riding, we need to have a little basket attached to the handle bar so that when we blow off the Peloton to do some shopping, you'll have somewhere to carry all your stuff!! No back door for me this week dar-r-r-lings...as you can see I have my bicycle and basket, which you may notice is NOT on the handle bards but on the back - that is because TECHNICALLY, you can balance more in it!! LOL!! You see I have had time to think things through on the trip here!!

I did bring a few little 'friends' with me, my gorgeous puppy Molly, who just loves being part of things....and a darling little joey (baby kangaroo) I found at the airport - just couldn't resist!! I thought he would make a great gift for someone...maybe even Miss Peggy...who has a 'soft spot' for Australia in her heart!! Please keep your eye on that mouse riding the snail...I hear they are everywhere in the race - I think one may have crossed Peggy's path too...maybe others!!

I must also mention - this is my first card for the 365 Days Challenge - wouldn't we all love that - a card a day - basically I do that, but I am sure I miss somedays along the way...I am sure I will find heaps of inspiration here!!!

So dar-r-r-lings, thank you so much for dropping by, I do love to see that you have been, your comments make my day - while 'in my mind' I am in Paris, In reality I have been 'cleaning house' and started with the kids rooms, after an hour, I had only succeeded in filling my washing machine with all the clothes that they lovingly had NOT hung up - when I found a gardening tool under one bed...I realised that I really didn't need to be doing this...so think of me today...I am not going to have one happy child after school when she realises what is ahead of her....LOL...or NOT!!! God bless you!!


  1. Hi Linda! What fun you are having at these tea parties! Wish I had time to join you! I love tea! This is just adorable and totally fun! Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with comments lately... the kiddos are still here and we are soooo not sitting still for a minute! I love it and am relishing every minute! Love your cards this week! Hugs!

  2. Oh Linda - I love your description of tidying under the bed - oh the joys of motherhood :-). Love your travel to France too, trust you enjoyed the trip.


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