Saturday, May 30, 2009

In the Stillness

How can you not love those cute little House Mouse!? But in reality they are only cute on paper - not so should they happen to venture into your house....one night I was walking through the kitchen, talking with my DH and DD1 when all of a sudden I felt something on my foot as I took a step - I looked down to see a mouse go flying into the dishwaher and then writhe around for a minute and....ooops - dead!!! We all stood there in amazement....I had given this mouse brain damage and then it died - how freaky is that! LOL....still amazes me as I think of it!

I seem to be on a run of multiple challenge cards - it just seems to happen that way...this card is LATE for this weeks Twisted Sister Challenge...we were to use faux wood...I could lie and tell you I made this wood DP BUT I didn't (o oh - cheated!) I actually used it before I had read the details properly...sorry girls....we were also to use red and one other colour....I used black as my other colour, although technically it is a neutral!

It is also my last card for this weeks Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge, the Ways to Use It Challenge where we are to use BEAUTIFUL BUTTONS - I just squeezed into that one...I have used one button, I actually lost the buckle I had picked out for it....probably been stolen by my cockatiel, who is into everything! Lastly it is for the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge where we are to use sponging...and the Bible Verses Challenge....I love to use scripture on cards where I can! The recipe for this card can be found here.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Winged Elegance

I have had some more card time as my 3 kids were at Youth Group tonight and it is so very quiet...so this is what I came up with....this card started off being for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge...but once I added that butterfly it also qualifies for the Flutter by Wednesday and Crafty Creations Challenges...don't you just love it when that happens! Then I was advised that it qualified for the Limited Supply Challenge on SCS...it has become a QUADRUPLE CHALLENGE CARD!

I started off wanting lots of texture and looked through a HUGE bag of lace that I had been given by my SU Demo Ann, (Hi Ann, I am plugging you every opportunity I get! LOL!) and another friend Chriss!!! I found this lovely pink chiffon ribbon with pearls down each side and that fabulous lace...so decided on run the lace on top of the ribbon - perfect fit!! It sounded so easy - BUT do you know how fiddly that was - I am nearly cross eyed now!!! LOL! Layered these on a panel of embossed Textured Textiles to add more texture. A Nestibilities scalloped square (thanks for that Kathy aka Wattle) and layered flowers in it, after sponging and paper piercing....than I added the butterfly with pearls, this is from Lesley aka Marleygo - I couldn't do this without my friends - thank you girls, you are so-o-o good to me!!

The last thing to be added for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge is the ribbon and buckle - I used the velvet ribbon and pearl buckle, as it goes so well with these colours. I have to say I am so happy to be using both...I had bought them over a year ago, on sale and then wondered how I was going to use them....so these challenges have been perfect in that regard!!!
Sponging to the edges and paper piercing on the bottom layer of DP finishes the card off perfectly. i feel like I am sponging and paper piercing everything lately and would hate it all to start looking the same....but it all just works together with the style of cards I like (in my opinion!) I would be interested in hearing what you think....

Thanks for looking....I enjoy reading your comments and am always so encouraged! By the way, it is the final week for the Midnight Madness Blog Candy, so hop on over and check it out if you haven't already! What beautiful timing....the kids are home....it is the weekend and we are going to chill out!!! Hope you get the opportunity to 'make moments!'! Thanks for dropping by - you know I love it when you visit!!! God bless you!!

Have a great weekend - make the time to enjoy the moments!!!

Treasured Friends

Who doesn't love butterflies - there is nothing so beautiful as sitting in the garden and seeing the beautiful butterflies come and land on your flowers - the ones that we have visit are Monarch Butterflies....we have planted flowers that encourage them to come....and amazingly enough...they work!!!

I have to say that I am an animal lover and I love it that the Bible tells us that God made animals for our pleasure - it 'blows me away' that God took the time to think of us in that way - and they do bring me a lot of pleasure - our whole family infact! We have 2 dogs, Maltese ShishTzu's, 6 brown chickens, 2 Chinese Silkie Bantums, about 12 budgies and 2 cockatiels which are in an avairy...plus my tame cockatiel Paris, my new baby budgie - Junior (he is adorable) and one goldfish, Nemo!!!

All of these animals bring us such joy, they have also been invaluable teaching our children about life and death...we have lost puppies, birds and fish.....the first ones are devastating, each one that dies gets a little bit less painful but still so terribly sad, we all cry - mind you we haven't lost a dog YET....that maybe a whole 'nother show, as Ricky Lake would say!!! Our kids have asked the obvious question - 'Will there be dogs in Heaven?' What a range of responses that brings - we just assure them that God made animals for our pleasure and the Word tells us that the Lion will lay down with the Lamb' and that God has it all sorted out....I am sure many of you have had the same discussion at your home!!!

Oops, I am a little off-track here....how did that happen - LOL!! This card is Quadriple Challenge card...YAY!!! It qualifies for the Mojo Monday sketch Challenge, Crafty Creations Challenge #17, Flutter by Wednesday #59 and the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge.....to find out the recipe you can click here!

Thank you for visiting - I always appreciate you stopping by! It is Friday afternoon for me and
we are about to begin the weekend....I hope you have a great weekend, enjoy your family...and take time to see the 'butterflies'! God bless you!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet as Can Be!

Today was the day for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea...and I helped a friend co-ordinate one....so I am glad today's card is pink.....as this is the colour for Breast Cancer - today for for Cancer generally....The Morning Tea went really well, my friend Vanessa is famous for her cooking and people go to things she olds just for the food - it is YUMBLY!

I love these Sweet Peas from Flourishes...I won them back in March when their new releases came out - this is the first time I had inked them....you can find all of the details here.

It is a short post tonight....I have been very distracted today....with Scrapbooking...it has taken me by surprise, as I never thought that I would love doing it. I have so many ideas going around in my head that I am having trouble keeping up with myself! LOL!!!

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for dropping in - I have had so much support and encouragement through comments here, on SCS, and emails - so thank you so much! I feel like I have so far to go but I learn so much each day - through you all. God bless you - HEAPS!!!

One of a Kind!

It has been ages since I have done a House Mouse....and this one was just crying out to be done for MotherMark's Teapot Party Tuesday....which in itself should explain the following description!!!
Open the Doors - we are here...and by the looks of things these gorgeous HM's have already had too much of a good thing!!! I am so sorry Cindy...I would have been here earlier BUT I was waiting for Peggy to 'swing past' and pick me up - but it seemsd those little cupcakes of hers just had to be there early....then I had to bake the most 'DIVINE' Lemon Meringue Pie as it is the most ooey and gooey thing that I know!!! But oh so YUMBLY - as my DH says....and by the way - it has been a fulltime job keeping him away from Joan's Apple Pie - it is like a Magnet to him...Joan, please send me the recipe if you get a moment darling - thanks!!! LOL!
Now move back girls...I have quite a bit to get through the door....but first I have to explain to our lovely Hostess...exactly what has gone on with these critters, who by the way, have taken until now to settle down!!
The recipe can be found on the Gallery on SCS which is here
So everyone, thanks for helping me in with my things and taking care of those sleeping 'beauties'...I do have to say though - watch the Lemon Meringue Pie - I have lost an acrylic nail....you maybe the one to find it - LOL!!! Is now a good time to tell you that this card is also for the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge....oops did I say that too loud - sorry MotherMark, but these things must be said....and I especially did the sponging for the Flourishes Challenge!!

Thank you for visiting....I love it when you come - God bless you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Essence of Elegance

What a relaxed morning I have had - I got together with my friend and neighbour Natalie to do some craft - Nat is the lady who first got me into stamping and we hardly ever get together, so that made this morning even more special. I had everything sorted out and ready by 9:30am when Nat was due over...and then I had a thought.....and the best made plans went 'downhill' from there!!

Can you believe that this card started off as a cute Beaver!!! Well it did, but then I had a thought...one thing lead to another and this is the end result!
This card is for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge, which is in it's third week....and I am just loving the Challenges....if you haven't already been there, you have to check it out.

It is also for the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge where we are to use sponging on our cards in someway - you can click on the name and it will take you straight there!

I embossed this fabulous image, which was in a BRAK from the lovely Helen (aka misshelenstamps) and knew straight away what papers - this gorgeous flocked paper comes from DCWV and it would have to be one of my favourites - when you have great paper it makes card making so easy - don't you think!! I used my Scalloped Border Punch to do the corners and lightly chalked the image, to just add atouch of colour, sponged the edges, added paper piercing and attached it to black CS.
This was layered onto embossed card - Textured Textiles Embossing Folder (another favourite - thanks Dawn (aka flowergal36) - still loving it!!), which was sponged and layered on black CS. This was then mounted on the DP.
For a final touch I added pearls and the velvet ribbon threaded through a pearl buckle. This was a quick card to make, the DP and the image seemed to do all of the work - a morning well spent for me...especially when I was stamping with my friend, and neighbour, Natalie...who was the lady who first got me onto stamping...we had the loveliest morning - my DH couldn't believe how quiet we were -any noise came from our DH's who sat and had coffee while we worked on our projects!

Well that is it for me - until after the mad dinner rush - I loved you dropping by and look forward to reading your comments...God bless you!

Thru the Years

I have fallen into the 'Scrapbooking Trap!' LOL! Only a trap because once you get into it, you can't get out!!!

The night before last I was sitting at the computer, going through the gallery when I almost fell asleep....until I had a thought about a Scrapbook page - now, if you know anything about me at all, you will know that I am not really a scrapbooker, infact I have only done two pages up until now, both of them at a monthly class...so this was most unusual...I started pottering with photos and embellishments...keeping to the same colours that were in the first page I did (which you may or may not remember...was NOT in my colours - you can have a look at it here) I was a lot happier with the tones in this one as it blended it all together for me.

Feeling pretty happy with myself, I showed DH who informed me that it looked like POT POURRI....not a good thing I am thinking - there were too many flowers for his liking...seeing as he has a great eye for detail, I went back to the table and got out the clock image, removed some flowers and changed a couple of colours...and this is the final result - the clock works well as it is symbolic of time passing!!

Ready for a shock - I have completed 1 other page and nearly finished the one alongside it - I can't believe it - it must have been going through the photos and all of those memories...I am loving getting them into some kind of order...I feel like I am working on family history for our children....I know from experience that even the best of photos can sit in a box tucked away, forgotten, but put them into an album and they come out for all to see...I am hoping our kids will keep them for years and sit and share the memories of their childhood with them....it is part of the legacy we leave our children...

Thank you for visiting, your visits and your comments are always appreciated!! God bless you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My First Emboss Resist!

Don't you just love a Stampin' Up Workshop and this one was no exception...it was hosted by my friend Melinda80 and there was no mucking around. Ann, our new Demo runs one 'full on' Workshop - we did three 'Make and Takes' and I came home with information overload!! Not that I am complaining - I loved it - but I have to say those gals sure are noisy (couldn't be me!?!? LOL!!!)

This Emboss Resist card is one of cards we got to make...it is the first one I have done with this technique and I am happy with the result. When I came home I added the embossed sentiment and also paper pierced around the edges!! I think it looks okay - how about you?!?!

One of the things I love about these Workshops is the way you learn so much more than you think you are going to...Ann is one of those demo's who is a credit to her company - she does it for the love of it and it shows, as does her training in art...not to mention her natural gift! I am looking forward to heaps of learning in the time ahead!!!

Thank you for stopping by, please don't forget to leave a comment so I know you have been...it is getting late and I am signing off for the night!! God bless you!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

High Society

More MIDNIGHT MADNESS for me!!! I just love their Sketch Challenges....this one is no exception. If you haven't checked it out yet - you can find it here. This is my third and final card for this week's Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge....I thought I would try something different and not use any stamps - just rely on this fabulous DP that I was given by my friend Melinda80!
My aim was to give depth and texture to the feel of the card. I sponged around the edges of the DP and layered in on black...I had added strips of Paisley Embossing behind the image, sponging them both - the blue with white over all of the embossing, the pink with green around the edges. A scalloped border was added, the edges lightly sponged and had bling added. The scrolls at the top and bottom are a Cuttlebug Die which I was sent for my birthday from one of my Twistered Sisters - Pat Smethers.

There you have it...a fairly simple card, but I really like the different textures...and that DP...it was enough on it's own!! I love trying different things. .. .They say that with every new thing you learn, you regenerate brain celss - so looking at it that way - stamping is god for your health!!! LOL!! Way to go!!
Thanks you for stopping by - you always make my day, especially when you leave a comment for me! God bless you!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Lord is Good!

The Faith Based Challenges are among my favourites...I have made this one for 3 Challenges, the first being the Our Creative Corner where we were to use sentiments as our main feature and the other one is His Holy Name where we study the attributes of God and have a different one each fortnight....this one is LORD....it is also for the Bible Verse Challenge - I love the faith based Challenges!
You say 'LORD' and we all picture something different...I believe that this attribute is pivotal to our faith....I love this scripture and it highlights one facet of our Lord so well....The Lord is good to all and I personally have experienced so much of His compassion....His mercies are new EVERY morning - for that I am so relieved!!
We say so easily that Jesus is our Lord and Saviour...I used to say it so easily and walked in an assurance that sat so comfortably within....You know it is so easy to walk in faith when all is going well....last year I got sick and had a mini stroke, while doing Cat Scans and MRI's along with numerous other tests, something else showed up on my brain and it was 3 months before it was confirmed that it was not a tumour or annuerism....I have to be honest and say that it was a long time not knowing what you future held....One thing I did know is that I made a choice to walk in faith and not to dwell on possibilities that weren't definites...I endeavoured to trust God and be a witness to my family, especially my children and friends....

I was thrilled at how much I trusted God and had so much peace - UNTIL the day came that I was getting my results...I wandered out into the garden and the thought came to me 'What if it is not the outcome that I am expecting - what if they give me a time frame?!' I felt fear grip my heart and went into my DH and told him that I wasn't doing too well and what I was thinking...he looked at me and simply told me not to dwell on it, I had done so well all along, don't lose it now....and then told me to go and make some cards! I said OKAY and did - I had thrown myself into cardmaking during the three months (SWEET!!). But you know the reality is that in that moment I trusted God and loved Him but I had not let Him be Lord in this situation....so I had to pray and get my priorities right.....I think, being honest that applies to many areas...allowing Him to be Lord means 'HANDS OFF' and leave it to God!

The results were totally different from what they had expected, it was thought that I could have had MS among other things...BUT I am so grateful to God that He not only kept me through this, but that which had showed up on the original had now gone down to next to nothing and was nothing to fear.....He indeed showers compassion on ALL His creation!!
The recipe for this card can be found here. Thank you for looking and listening...I am one of those people who thinks as they talk and it is all part of the process for me...thank you for sharing in it!!! Also for your comments, they are always so encouraging! God bless you!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

So Beary Grateful!!

Awww - this lilttle bear is just so cute - I used to collect bears....but then the children came along and we ran out of room after a while - it came down to a choice....and it wasn't the bears - although I did keep a couple of my favourite ones....it all comes down to shape...and this one of the right shape!! This gorgeous little bear came in a RAK from Jocelyn (aka JoBear2) I could not resist colouring it as this weeks 'Our Creative Corner' has a Colour Challenge happening, I have wanted to do it all week BUT am just scraping in...phew...the time difference is a good thing sometimes - it gives me that little bit longer on this side of the challenge!!!

I used an embossed paisley panel across the card and added green double stitched ribbon then ran a row of flowers across it...aren't they so cute, I have had them for a while but wasn't sure what to do with them....now I know!!! The image and the sentiment have both been sponged and raised up on 3D foam dots, to add extra dimension to the card and then pink brads, finishing it off with some Kindy Glitz in the centre of the flowers.

This was a relatively easy card and it was nice just to 'chill out' and colour tonight without having to think TOO MUCH!!!! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think...I do appreciate you stopping and looking - thank you for your comments that have been so encouraging...I sincerely thank you! God bless you!

I'm Over it!!!

It is an early post for me today...taking in the sentiment on this card - what does that say about me...ahhh....especially when it is 9:25am and my houswork is done for today - including the ironing...ahh well...nothing a layer of makeup won't fix!!! LOL!!

Yay - my final cards for the order I had for humerous cards...When I saw this CCEE Stampers Challenge I had to get out those Fiskar Plates that hardly see the light of day and make this card....I just love this gal - seems those Emerson's do it for me everytime...and that sentiment...enough to stop me doing anything ever again...LOL!! As if!!!

I ran the CS through the Cuttlebug with the Fiskar's plate and then lightly inked over the embossed spider web....sponging around the edges and paper piercing the corners....the image was coloured with chalks, sponged and paper pierced along with the sentiment and layered on red CS. I have attached the image with 3D foam dots and then....the spider...I was sent some punched spiders from Suleika (aka Roxystamper) and had run out...I was thrilled to find this one and photocopied it and used a circle punch and sponged the edges - I am happy with the way it looks - until I can find a spider punch - if you know of one please PM me---I would appreciate it!!

So there you have it...NO MORE HOUSEWORK FOR ME!!! Now aren't you glad that you put aside that little job that has needed doing for so long, to stop by and visit - it is actually part of your beauty routine for today - wouldn't that be fabulous....I have to tell you that no dirty shelves, messy floors or filthy ovens were hurt in the making of this card !LOL!! Thank you for coming and for yourcomments, I always enjoy hearing what you have to say! I am looking forward to the weekend as my DD1 is back from a school camp...yay...only 2 nights away...but oh so-o-o long for me!!! LOL! God bless you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So Much Gorgeous-ness!!

I L-O-V-E cards with attitude and these Emerson gals sure 'ooze' the 'tude!!! OL! They just appeal to me on so many levels....maybe it is because they just don't care what people think - they are 'who they are!'
I have been asked to do 10 'quirky' cards for one of the boutiques that sells my cards....of course it had to be these gals!!! I then had a 'cruise' around the challenges and decided on the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge....I can't believe it is their second week - if you haven't looked already pop on over...you can find them here ... the time has just flown by!! Here is my first card for this week....you can guarantee I will be doing three....
I coloured the image with chalks and added highlights in Pink Glitter Pen. I used a Fiskar border punch for the corners and the lower edge....sponging and paper piercing, layering - you name it...I done it!!! LOL!!! I then added the sentiment from Autumn Leaves and added some Kaiser ( a great Australian Product!) pearls....I have also added the polka dot ribbon....went nicely with the choc chip theme!!! LOL
Well, it took me ages to get it happening as I just couldn't get my head around it...maybe my 'MOJO' is not happening today....how awful...but here it is...thank you for coming by and visiting me here - I love to see that you have been!!! God bless you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Casting all Your Care

As you would have noticed I get a lot of cards made, part of this being that I sell a lot of them, which helps 'feed my habit' and I have a fairly constant supply going out, so I need to keep up with that. The other reason being that I got sick towards the end of last year and was told that I had to relax and literally threw myself into cardmaking...it became therapy for me and still is today - I tell my DH that I save him heaps of money by cardmaking as therapy is around $150 per hour!!! LOL!!! I don't like to be making the same thing over again so I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration and was happy to come across 2RedBananas....this weeks challenge is a.Sketch Challenge, you should check it out!!

I have a friend who orders scripture cards, she is one of my regular customers, buying at least 200 cards in the past year...I try and give her as many different ones as possible - not that it matters to her, but it does to me....I am not a great fan of repetition - especially when she orders 20 at one time!! This scripture is a favourite of mine, it is such a comfort...but as we know, it can be the hardest thing to do...how often do we take it all onboard and try to solve everything in our own strength and end up making things so-o-o much worse!! I have to laugh when I hear it said that Christians don't worry - yeah right - we just get 'concerned' - it is the Christian word for worry!! LOL!! Don't you just love 'Christian-ese!!!'

These are my first cards for this challenge, you can get the recipe from my SCS Gallery if you are interested. I do appreciate you stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments, you are the best!!! God bless you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Disaster....

Ever made a card that was perfect in your head, was looking good on paper and then you think to yourself, 'I'll just do that one more thing and it will make it look fabulous' - and as soon as you have done it, you realise you should have stopped one step ago....

I made this card for the Floursihes Timeless Tuesday Challenge and also for my friend (and neighbour's) birthday...it started off so well....until I decided to add Dimensional magic to the image.... it smudged and I tried to clean it up a bit - BIG MISTAKE!!! It just got worse...so I decided to fix it my using Dimensional Magic over the whole image - it looks okay, but I liked it better with just the chalking and the glasses being highlighted with Kindy Glitz and then the gloss! so that was the first disaster...read on...there's more!!

I wanted to emboss the sentiment - another MISTAKE...even after using an Embossing Buddy the sentment wasn't clear - it had speckles of EP over it....but I thought okay...not too bad...I can get away with that...and then...the flowers would not stick properly - I used Glue Dots...but still not much joy...so I handed over the card with an apology - you think it would stop there wouldn't you...well NO!!!!

I got home after taking her pressie and card and realised I had't photographed it...so had to go back and photographed it next door...I popped in today and was relieved to find the flowers still on the card - I wish I could be so sure what I would find tomorrow! LOL! I had no problems making it for the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge...which was for birthday cards...huh...that was the easy part!!!

Thank you for looking....learn by my mistakes and feel free to tell me of yours - it might make me feel better! You know I love it when you visit....the more the merrier I say - don't forget to leave me a note and let me know you called by - I won't try and do any 'touch ups' on you!!! LOL!! God bless you - HEAPS!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Checkin' Out the Cowboy!

I have been making a lot of my cards fit more than one challenge - this one is no exception. It is for the Twisted Sister Challenge where we are casing Pat Smethers - I have not cased any card inparticular but if you know Pat you know her name goes hand in hand with the word cowboy and something to do with cowboy butts (can't believe I said that - LOL!! The sentiment on cowboys cards that I am referring to is 'Cowboy butts, drive me nuts!) My DP's, image and photo corners come from RAK's from Pat - so it qualifies BIG TIME for this Challenge!
For the Featured Stamper, I have cased this card of Joan's, I just love her gallery and will be cruising all 61 pages over the week!

The Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge is the last, but not least Challenge for this card - I laugh at the name as many of my cards are made well after midnight - not good with a 6am start, whcih I have managed to stretch until 6:30am. We are able to make up to 3 cards for 3 weeks for the most amazing Blog Candy - check it out here.
Thanks for looking, you know I love it when you visit! Each one of your comments is so appreciated!! Hopefully I am going to bed before midnight tonight - but then again, don't be surprised to see me back! LOL!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Setting Sail

This is another card I have made for the Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge which has just started this week...you can find it here...check it out, they have an amazing BLOG Candy for the opening challenge.

I have used a retired set that I was generously given by my SU and Friend Ann....the only payment she required was a card made with it...so here is it. Actually I have made two the same as it is my younger brother's birthday in July and he has a yacht, infact lives on it with his dog, Dennis, who is amazingly similar to Scooby Doo...they are a funny pair together - add living on a yacht into that equation and the stress and laughs never stop. When I flew across to NZ on a mercy dash when my beautiful Nana was passing away, my brother met me at the airport at midnight and as we got to his car he warned me about the beast within....I was nearly slobbered to 'death' by this HUGE dog! The next day we were rushing in to be at Nana's side David informed me we could be there in 7 minutes if we took the boat....my Mum informed me that he had to slam it into the rocks to stop it the day before....and the ocean was pretty rough - I politely declined the offer and heard my brother saying, rather indignantly, ' you wuss!!' Maybe so...but I wasn't taking the risk - I didn't have on waterprrof mascara!!! LOL!! Anyway, my brother will love this card!

I chalked the image and sponged around the edges, layering it onto embossed CS. The corners are torn embossed CS, I set eyelets and tied some twine/jute through them and lastly added an embossed sentiment....see how good I am, I even added some 'sea spray' around the sentiment....okay...that is from the embossing powder...I even used an embossing powder, I am not sure why it went like that....if you know..please PM me...but for the purpose of this card we will call it 'sea spray' as it is also for the Limited Supply Challenge which is all about seaside...so my 'artistic licence' is fully in play!! LOL!!

It is nice to see you here tonight - thanks for dropping in, please leave me a comment so I hear what you think!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dog-gone It!

How can you not love this puppy, big slobbery thing that he is!! I was sent this image from one of my Twisted Sisters - Dawn (aka flowergal36 - gotta love those girls) and I have been waiting for the right card to make with it!!! So when this weeks Crafty Creations Challenge had the theme of chocolate....in whatever way we want...I knew this was the card I was going to make in chocolate colours!!!! YUMBLY!!! It is also for the CCEE Stampers Challenge where the Guest Hostess for this month is 'imamuttnut'...so...you guessed it, we have to show a dog on the card!

I used chalks to colour him and added Dimensional Magic to his big wet nose and tongue (I figured that thing just had to be wet and dripping) with a touch of Kindy Glitz to the drool coming off him - those of us with dogs know that this image is closer to the truth than we like to admit! LOL!. I paper pierced the edges and sponged, then layered it on Argyle embossed CS. I made my own DP with those little paws ALL over it and added the sentiment...I have to add at this point that I am often card making LONG after everyone has gone to bed - so I had to write the sentiment by hand as the printer is in our room....I didn't want to 'blow my cover' and let DH know EXACTLY what time I was still up and cardmaking!! LOL!! For a final touch I added the paw print....

Personally, I love this sentiment, it is so true...it's just another version of 'some days are diamonds, some are stone' and isn't that the TRUTH!!! LOL!! Thank you for calling in, hopefully you leave me a note, so I know you have been - it makes my day to know you stopped by! I am hoping that today you are NOT the hydrant (I didn't want to say 'you are the dog' it soesn't quite sound right! LOL! God bless you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tea Party Madness

Who doesn't love Tea Parties....there is the most incredible one that happens each Tuesday on SCS - MotherMark's Tea Party!

I love the 'artistic licence' that these challenges give is......and no boundaries - who doesn't love that!!! I have to mention that the teapot in the photo is one my DH bought for Chinese Tea...he came home loaded with the cups and saucers, Jasmine Tea...and a few varieties I didn't recognise...it was a start to having variety in our tea....we had 2 lovely cups of tea and...I dusted it off for this photo! LOL!

I am both happy and relieved say that I am on time for this week's Tea Party...now I would like to mention at this stage that the teapot in this picture is WHITE!!! So it is for this weeks Challenge (just incase you are wondering!) Just to back up my claims I have put it next to my WHITE teapot.....I feel like I am in the 'groove' now as I have something the same as our very own MOTHERMARK!!! It is my 'claim to fame' for the week! I have also combined it with last week's challenge based on the fabulous Tea Pot that Dawn (aka Flowergal36) made for Cindy...so pink with white spots is the way to go with this one!!

I have been a bit late with some of the challenges, but have been busy getting orders ready for the Boutique that is going to be selling my cards and also getting this Blog happening. You can find the recipe for this card on my gallery at SCS. Also, check out this challenge - maybe we could sit together....you can find the details here. Who knows I might get a V.I.P. seat of Cindy knows I have brought you along! LOL!

Thank you for coming and looking at what is happening on my Blog - I appreciate your visits and your comments...I am slowly finding my way in this BLOGGING WORLD!!! God bless you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got the 'Blues'

I am a Challenge Addict - I just love finding new ones, especially sketch ones - this one os for Mojo Monday Sketch Challenges...I don't know about you, but these Sketch Challenges always make it so much easier, as much I as I love doing my own thing, I love taking something and making it my own as well - how about you?!
I am on a final run of cards to take to the new Boutique that is going to sell my cards, the botanical ones that sold well at one of the other shops...so I will be interested to see how they go with this one. Fortunately the other 3 avanues I have all are buying different style cards....but for this one I am running up a few with my current favourite set (well one of them) 'Blooming with Beauty' from Stampin' Up and watercoloured the hydrangers....if you know anything about me, you will know that I am a Chalks fanatic, but have been enjoying water colouring - always nice to have a change!! I used my Eyelet Border Punch to do the corners, I love the effect this has...and love the fact that this punch has more than one use!! I have sponged and paper pierced...even done some embossing on the scalloped layer...I actually emboss quite a few of the one thing when I do it, so they pop up everywhere on my cards....makes it quicker in the long run - I like having things 'on hand!'
I have added a little Kindy Glitz on the centre of the flowers, to give them a lift and give the impression of dew on them - I love that look on the flowers in our garden. Than of course...there is a bit more bling added...just because...is it too much do you think!?!? There is a fine line been blinged up and YUCK - I hope I don't cross it - this is where you come in - you have to tell me!!!
Thank you for stopping by...I love to see that you have been!! God bless you!


I love doing the Faith Based Challenges over at SCS, this card is for the His Holy Name Challenge where we are studying the Attributes of God. I usually don't make my card straight away, I like to do the Study that Patter has prepared for us and then think about what it means to me...this one is late, I have found it hard to do a card for 'Redeemer'....

I do love this attribute of God...we have been 'bought with a price' and that set me thinking about the price that was paid - you know, it never ceases to amaze me that there is nothing we can do to earn this redemption....with today's lifestyle being so 'disposable' and 'instant' there is so quick fix for your redemption....no amount of money could afford us even one drop of the blood that was shed for our salvation!!!
I have used keys on this card to symblose Jesus going down into Hell and taking the keys of Death, this is no 'baby in a manger', the picture that people often have when they think of Jesus.....this is our Redeemer, Jesus - God's son! He took CAPTIVITY CAPTIVE, this is represented by the padlock and the key! What a picture that paints for me....Jesus to the rescue....what a relief...the Word tells us that the devil has come to kill, steal and destroy...but Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy!! Perhaps in the pursuit of Super heroes, we need to get back to fundamental truths...need a hero...

'Our Redeemer...Jehovah of Hosts is HIS name
The HOLY ONE of Israel!' Isaiah 47:4
It only gets better from here...I have read the book and know how it ends!! Why do I share this - it is all part of the process of doing this challenge for me...we study the attribute first, reflecting and then illustrating, putting it on paper, bringing some structure to our thoughts!
Thank you for taking the time to come and visit me here...I love it that you come...make sure you leave me a comment, so I will know you have dropped in!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Fairytale

Every woman loves shoes and my DD2 is no exception - these 'beauties' belong to her - at 11 years old...she informed us at the age of 7 that she was a 'shoe girl' and that is so-o-o true!! MY DH took her shopping one day and came home with these - here was me thinking they had gone out for milk!!

I have to say - this is not her first heeled pair - and yes...the first pair were a result of a shopping trip with Dad, they had 2 inch heels and she 'blew us away' by being able to sprint in them, as our neighbours looked on in disbelief - this year I am thinking of hiring her out for aerating people's lawns! LOL!! (punching small holes in the grass - to aerate!!)

I made this card for the Inspiration of SCS...I was a bit intimidated by this challenge...but once I got started, there was no stopping me....I love it that we can all look at the same thing and create something so different from anyone elses - it shows me that we are all unique in our creativity!! Amazing isn't it....what is more amazing is that as people, God created us all to be unique - how cool is that!! There is no-one else like you - that makes you special!!!

The 'business' side of this card can be found on my SCS gallery. Thank you for coming, I love to read your comments and know that you have visited....my door is always open!!

Ooops - What was I Drinking?!?!

I made this card based on a drink - looking at it you would think it was a Margarita....well you would be wrong. I am not a drinker and it is showing - BIG TIME!!! I made this card last night and waited until today to photograph it....it wasn't until I showed my DH how much trouble I had gone to to make the embellishments that I realised, I had based this whole card on the wrong drink - what was I thinking?!?!? Do you know what drink I was thinking of...leave me a comment and tell me what you think....I will give you a clue - those little embellishments are meant to be olives....does this help!!!
You want to know what is even funnier...I placed it next to a HUGE jar of olives that someone gave me for my birthday many years ago - they obviously didn't know me very well - I HATE olives...YUCKY!!! So I'll take my card with a twist...no olives please!!!

Thank for calling in - I love seeing you here...God bless you....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Textured Daisies

Upsy Daisy is such a fabulous stamp, I am enjoying the many ways of using it! I am doing a lot of botanical cards lately as my cards have just gone into another shop (a total of 3) and they love the florals....we went into a mall to go to the fruit and vege shop and got distracted by this fabulous shop called 'Gracious Manor' and the next thing you know I am taking my cards over next week for the owners to buy some...guess who will be churning out some cards this week - Praise the Lord for the challenges that keep giving me fresh ideas!
This card is for the Sketch Challenge, I have flipped it onto it's side and SLIGHTLY changed the placing of the sentiment. I embossed Upsy Daisy a while ago, (I did a few at the one time) and sponged around the distressed edges....it is layered on the branches EF, it has 'blue tones' in the photo, but it is green. I love all of the texture, dsitressing and sponging...it all adds to the 'feel' of a card for me!
I was talking with a friend today via email and about our motive for making cards....we all make them because we love doing it, from the heart....the day that I start making cards for the sake of it and it becomes about the how many I make and the dollars, not the card itself and how it is going to make someone feel, is the day that I stop makng them! I know I make a lot of cards and a lot of them go to shops (which is just an added bonus)...it is all about the card and packing it full of love and warmth...I endeavour to keep them all like that, a gift from the heart...please remind me is it becomes any other way!
Thank you for stopping by, I L-O-V-E it that you take time out of your busy day to drop in on me...you bless me!!! God bless you!

Postcards from Paris - for the MUM's

Today is Mother's Day...the day we put aside each year to celebrate our Mum and our families celebrate us (hopefully!) I love it that we have a day to express our love and appreciation...but I think it is a sad thing if this is the only time we do express our hearts. I love my Mum and love to tell her....I don't get to see her too much and when I do I just love to hug her, look at her and hug her again....she is probably relieved to leave but I know this - she will never doubt my loving her!! In our house there isn 't a day that goes by where we don't tell each other 'I love you'....I never want those who are dear to me to wonder if I care...I am grateful for a husband who shows his love for me everyday in so many different ways....I only have to look out my kitchen window and see the beauty that he has created in our garden to know that he has created this to make a beautiful environment that we call home...Love is not just about words, they can only take you so far!
This card is a feminine card, in honour of the MUM's... it was inspired by this weeks Inspiration Challenge and Our Creative Corner. Thank you for taking the time to stop by - your comments are always valued and mean so much to me!! Happy Mothers's Day to you all - here's to all the Mum's...where would we be without them - my life is so much richer because of my Mum!!!
The recipe for this card is on my SCS Gallery if you are interested...today...I just wanted to share....from the heart! God bless you all

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I love it when Friday comes...it is my all time FAVOURITE challenge - mind you I love them all, but the Twsited Sister one is very dear to me as this group of people have become like family to me on SCS. I love the connections that we can make with each other...and that is one of the plus' with this passion of ours - it can't help but connect you with people!!!
For this weeks Twisted Sister Challenge we were to to make a card with Plum, Pink and Grey, add some brads and use SC185.....I played along nicely until I realised that we have had our first 'cultural difference' PLUMS ARE NOT PURPLE!!! I have put one of our beautiful Australian plums next to my card so you can see the reason for the colour I used...THIS IS PLUM!!!! What's the story with this purple business! LOL!!!
I also went outside the guildlines and used pearls instead of brads - brads were just too CHUNKY and looking plain UGLY and that would never do with that GORGUSS girl!!
I packed up and went to bed at around 12:45am and was just arriving into the 'comfort zone' when I got a TEXT....my DD's are on their first sleepover and DD2 texted me asking me to ring as they were still awake and could not sleep...I rang and she said 'Oh, you're up' What a girl...she texted again this morning at 7am as she was awake and no-one else was!!! I guess we are in for tired girls this afternoon...and we all know what that means...ahhh!!!
Thank you for dropping by - please leave me a comment and give me your thoughts on PLUM - I gotta know!!! By the way, no plums were hurt in the taking of this photo LOL!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Beauty is all Around Us!

It is very quiet here this evening as DD1 and DD2 are on their first EVA sleepover...it is so quiet!!!! DH & DS are watching a movie and I...well, here I am...I have achieved a fair bit today, even finding a bit more of my desk....I am making the most of the quiet (although...on the quiet...as noisy as the girls can be...I am missing them)...I am not sure who will find it harder at bedtime - them or me...we have already had one phone call...I am sure there will be more before the night is through!!!
Anyways, I have enjoyed using my new set by Stampin' Up 'Blooming with Beauty' and have made this card for the Ways to Use it Challenge and the Flourishes Challenge....I love this colour combo and it works so well with this image...our hyderangers are this colour as autumn sets in and foliage everywhere is changing colour and flowers drying and dying!
I have watercoloured the hydrangers and then added Kindy Glitz to the very centre for a bit of sparkle, the way they do when the morning dew has brushed against their petals....the corners done with the SU Eyelet Border Punch, which I used on the top DP. All edges are sponged, I just love this ribbon and have been waiting for a chance to use it - the colours are perfect with these colours..and half beads have been added to the center of each flower, which qualifies it for the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge!
This was my last card for my friend's order....so I guess I will be playing with other stamps....I have quite a few sets I haven't played with much and also some RAK's that I am looking forward to using!!!
I love it that you have dropped by, it makes my day to read your comments...thank you for being so kind and supportive! God bless you!

Delight in the Lord

I love to combine challenges, sometimes just to get through the ones I enjoy doing and HATE to miss, other times to give myself guidelines to work with....it is a great feeling to combine 4 challenges....and I have done that here...it is for the 'Ways to Use It'...using Kraft cs on our card, Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge - using beads, The Devine Designs - with a Scripture and the final (and my newest find) the 'Flutter by Wednesday' Challenge that I found on Glowbug's Blog (there is a link under BLOGS I FOLLOW)....and I am happy! One of my passions are the Scripture Challenges, my faith is so important to me and I love to be able to share God's Word in this way....this scripture is a favourite....it is often thought that it is saying we need to delight ourselves in God and He will give us whatever we want BUT really it is saying that as we delight in God, those things we desire will be more inline with His desires and He will bring it to pass - two quite different things really!
The gorgeous butterfly was sent to me by the one and only Peggy (aka Marilyn Prestonn) in a RAK that took 4 months to get here, but it well worth every day of waiting - it was like having another Christmas, Peggy had crammed so much into the box....images were tucked away everywhere and there must have been over 20 'post it notes' ...we were spoilt!
Most of my cards consist of RAKS from my SCS friends, they have been so good to be and I love using all of the different pieces in my cards - makes it a combined effort! This card is no exception with the Nestie oval I sponged around, thanks to Melinda80 and added a textured, sponged Kraft strip behind it and layered it with crotched lace. I added various flowers and used half beads in the centre of them, slong with some sponged punched branches, thanks to Lesley aka Marleygo....some more half gems were added to the corner and...the card is finished! I must mention too that the scripture is computer generated!
Thank you for stopping by and for your comments...your support is so appreciated as I find my way in this BLOGGING world!!! God bless you!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Scrapbooking Journey Begins...

It has been a very productive day for me today, I have all but finished a card order (yay) and am about to head off to bed, but wanted to upload my first scrapbooking pages so you could see the beginning of this journey I have undertaken. amazing really when you consider that Scrapbooking is the last thing I ever thought I would find myself doing...but here I am...I have had Classes with my new Su Demo, Ann and have finished 2 pages...the first one 'CHERISH' took me a month to 'fine tune'....I had it sitting on a chair next to my desk for the month and slowly added the touches that I felt added so much to it! I love the layout but have decided that the colours are not me...the second one, the Christmas family photo is so much more me...in every way...torn paper, sponging, paper piercing.....so I have taken a few baby steps....with a long way to go....I appreciate you stopping by and being part of it with me....I'll sign off and get to bed...I have had too many 1am nights lately...I am trying to get to bed my midnight...ooops....6 past LOL!! God bless you....

Variation on a Theme

As you can see I have been playing around with colours...I am still doing the cards for my friend, but also need to get some done for the two shops that buy my cards, especially with Mother's Day only being a few days away - I have also got a box of them in the Staff Room at school so I am wanting to drop a couple of these up there as well...With 'LOVE' as the sentiment, they could be for any occassion - I tend to do that when they are for the shops that buy my cards, that way they can be used for any occassion!
I am also using the challenges to get some ideas and have managed to use three challenges, Flourishes, which we have to use beads on our card - you gotta love those beads - I have used half gems, which I haven't used for a while...I normally use Nail Bling....but these needed something just slightly bigger....the OCC and CCEE Challenges are for Mother's Day Cards...
I have water coloured them and then sponged around the edges, I also used the Scalloped Border Punch to do the fancy corners, which I am loving - thank to my SU Demo Ann who showed us at my Scrapbooking Night - I am on a 'learning curve' and just love learning new things...
I am really enjoying trying the different colour combinations...for those of you who saw the three I did yesterday, I would love to hear which one of these two you like most...each time I do one I think...this one....then I do the next...maybe it depends on the day!! LOL!!
Thank you for looking and for your comments, especially on my SCS gallery...I really enjoyed reading what colours you preferred...it was pretty close but I think the yellow was just a little bit in front - we will see after these ones...I think I am going to be changing to hydrangers...but who knows...I still have 6 images to colour.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Too Many Choices

I have an order from my dear friend Julia for 15 Thank You cards...my two DD's are best friends with her two DD's - they went to Preschool together, they have been 'besties' (as they say) for many years. I used the Sketch Challenge on SCS for this card...and made it in 3 colors - I like variety and am not too good at making duplicates...so this makes it so much easier!
I made 3 different colours of this card and couldn't decided which one to upload...so put them together...I am not sure which one I like the best - I would be inetersted to hear your opinion!!
I have not got a scalloped edge next to the image (as per the SC) BUT I did use the SU Eyelet Border Punch to to the lacy corners on the image - my SU, Ann showed us how to do those, last night at our scrapbooking class (my second one!) SO I have technically used a border punch - hope that is not stretching thngs a bit too much!!! I love the look of it and am looking forward to using the scalloped one in much the same manner...I love finding more than one use for each thing!!
The Images are water coloured, such a rare thing for me - I did find it theraputic, sitting there colouring in!!! The cards all have sponging, lacey corners and different DP....the mauve card has paper piercing rather than the small pearls that the other 2 have!! The pearl beads qualify this card to the Flourishes Challenge - I love using beads on cards...they can add so much!
Well that is it for me tonight - I am about to head off to bed, I am having more and more nights after midnight....closer to 1am...have to try to curb my addiction - LOL!
Thank you for dropping in, I love reading your comments, it always makes my day! God bless bless you!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Who doesn't love cupcakes?! This card is for both the Mojo Monday Sketch Challenges and the Crafty Creations Challenge with requires us to use cupcakes....I have revamped a UFO that has been sitting there for a LONG time....I am slowly getting through the pile of things I MUST tidy on my desk! It is an ongoing job as it gets added to each day - I don't think I can win with this one!
I have watercoloured the image (about 1 year ago - LOL!) and paper pierced the corners, with a light touch of sponging and used 3D dots to attatch it to the paisley embossed layer, which is also sponged! Matching Paper Piercing is on the bottom layer of DP and some faux stitching.....YUMBLY is the word my DH uses to describe anything that is delicious!!
I am happy to have this finished and am hoping to find my desk before too long - it is only small - the trouble is - I am moving stuff elsewhere to compensate LOL!!!
Thank you for visiting...wouldn't it be great if we could really sit and have cupcakes and coffee (or tea) together...it would truly be YUMBLY on many levels! God bless you!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Recycles Roses

I have had the MOJO MONDAY Challenge in my inbox for a week and finally, here is my first card, for MOJO83, I know it is late, but I really loved this layout...so went with it anyway....I have an order for 15 'Thank You' cards, so I have had to make a start. I am grateful that they don't all have to be the same as I am not one who enjoys making cards in bulk - I have found a way to make it tolerable to make 4 at a time...so that is progress for me....so brace yourself for a few Thank You cards showing up in my gallery over the week!
I have recycled this rose image from a birthday card from years ago. It is actually an original little watercolour and I have had it on my desk for ages waiting to use it...so in my pursuit of a clean desk I am working through these UFO's....it is such a good feeling seeing them become cards!
I mounted it on torn paper and sponged all of the edges of the card. I paper pierced around the image and did a pattern on the top left, matching it on the bottom of the CS for balance. I also recycled some great paper off the inside of an envelope and added a thin torn strip instead of ribbon. The sentiment is heat embossed and I added small black half pearls instead of a bow....I have deviated from the original sketch on one thing - the brads have been added to the outside of the image as they would not have worked on the inside.....hope that is okay!!!
While I was making this card I had some pretty tough competition...my cockatiel Paris was out as he loves it when I made cards and is determined to help - I have to say his version of paper piercing is not mine...I know from experience!!
Thank you for stopping by, I would love you to leave a comment, to let me know you have been and to hear what you think of my card! God bless you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Like 'Oopsy Daisy'

I have been tidying up my desk, which is only small and clutters easily so I decided I would use all of the bits of DP and the embossings I had lying around, that I hadn't put away yet to make a card, I have to say at this point the mess is compounded by the fact that my cockatiel, Paris, has his cage next to the said desk and sits there throwing sunflowers at me if I don't let him out...makes for interesting card making!!!

Back to card making - I have cased the same one I made for Kathy (aka Wattle) as Featured Stamper, you can see it here. I just changed, or added a couple of things.....it is also monochromatic which qualifies it for the StampinB challenge....When I look at this photo I have to smile to myself as I am not at all a BLING person IRL...but look at this!! LOL! I started out stamping not using bling at all - now there is hardly a card that doesn't have it on in one form or another - it's an evolving art...or is it us that evolve!?
This card was made with white embossing on blue card layered on white and then a scalloped rectangle (thanks to my good friend Melinda) in Navy 'bubbled' pattern. I have used the same striped DP as on the other card but added torn corners and paper piercing - don't look too closely at that - my paper piercer came undone - can you believe that, apparently it happens to one every now and then - trust me to get it - so I had to continue holding just the needle part - not so easy - Upsy Daisy alright - more like Oopsy Daisy - hence the title! LOL!!!
I have also added blue/silver ribbon, although it looks just silver here...and silver brads....and wha-la one card made and a tidier desk - mainly because I moved most of my gear onto the table to sit with the family while they watched a movie...so who am I really fooling!?!? But I feel like I accomplished something...one more card for Kathy...what a pleasure it has been casing your gallery Kathy - I salute you my friend - and my StampinB card done...monochromatic...I have just learned that term since I read the StampinB Challenge - so thank you Ladies....I am learning every day!!!
Thank you for looking and for your comments - they are sometimes the only thing that make sense in my day! LOL! I just love you stopping by..come again...I'll be here!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Seeking Him!

The Twisted Sister Challenge is a love of mine....this group of gals (and one guy) started with a group of friends who commented on each others card and set up their own challenges, for fun...it has grown over time and I just love being part of it -I have to say...they really are TWISTED and really have become SISTAHs (and BROTHER!) to me. The challenge this week was to make a card using Sage Shadow, Chocolate Chip, ribbon and a scripture and use an older Skecth Challenge SC116.....having the scripture also qualifies it for the Bible Verse Challenge!
As I did not have the exact colours (which often happens to me as I am a budget stamper) I used as close as I could...I sponged around ALL the edges with Tim Holtz Distressing Ink - frayed burlap. I love the effect sponging has, it is definitely a favourite technique...one panel is embossed with the CB - Textured Textiles and then I have sponged over that to add more depth, embossing adds so much texture and elegance to a card - it is another technique I love! I stretched the boundaries, just a little and used string rather than ribbon...I had to use eyelets to run it through (oops) and also added matching brads at the corners of the scripture...I couldn't help myself, it just needed them...what's a girl to do!?!
For a final touch I added torn sponged corners, just so you would know I haven't forgotten about them! LOL!! I am happy with the finished card and have enjoyed going back into the sketches to do older ones - I might have to have a little 'wander' over that way again!!! Also, the scripture is computer generated as I do not own any scripture stamps AS YET!!! Thank you for looking....

Faith Is...

It is only fitting that my first card is about FAITH, as this is such a vital part of who I am! I love to combine two of my passions....for God and for paper!

I made this card for the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge (on SCS), one of my favourites...this week is a sketch challenge which I have loved doing...really I enjoy all of the challenges, you know how it is...some cards just are easier to make than others!!! It is also for the OCCC where we are to use our favourite colour combinations, I am using different mixtures of them! I have used a Flourishes sentiment from one of the March New Releases which I was so thrilled to win, along with the other 2 new sets in March. I stamped it onto a Nestie sent to me in a RAK from Kathy (aka Wattle). This is my last round one so I wanted to save it for the right card!
I have sponged the edges of the circle and the squares, also paper piercing around the same. I patterned the outside corner of each square to add some more interest to it.The lower border is torn, sponged and paper pierced to match the squares, then I added chiffon ribbon with a knot added...finally pearls were added along the bottom of the card. this was actually ,very quick to make which is always a good thing!