Monday, May 18, 2009

What a Disaster....

Ever made a card that was perfect in your head, was looking good on paper and then you think to yourself, 'I'll just do that one more thing and it will make it look fabulous' - and as soon as you have done it, you realise you should have stopped one step ago....

I made this card for the Floursihes Timeless Tuesday Challenge and also for my friend (and neighbour's) birthday...it started off so well....until I decided to add Dimensional magic to the image.... it smudged and I tried to clean it up a bit - BIG MISTAKE!!! It just got worse...so I decided to fix it my using Dimensional Magic over the whole image - it looks okay, but I liked it better with just the chalking and the glasses being highlighted with Kindy Glitz and then the gloss! so that was the first disaster...read on...there's more!!

I wanted to emboss the sentiment - another MISTAKE...even after using an Embossing Buddy the sentment wasn't clear - it had speckles of EP over it....but I thought okay...not too bad...I can get away with that...and then...the flowers would not stick properly - I used Glue Dots...but still not much joy...so I handed over the card with an apology - you think it would stop there wouldn't you...well NO!!!!

I got home after taking her pressie and card and realised I had't photographed it...so had to go back and photographed it next door...I popped in today and was relieved to find the flowers still on the card - I wish I could be so sure what I would find tomorrow! LOL! I had no problems making it for the Flourishes Timeless Tuesday Challenge...which was for birthday cards...huh...that was the easy part!!!

Thank you for looking....learn by my mistakes and feel free to tell me of yours - it might make me feel better! You know I love it when you visit....the more the merrier I say - don't forget to leave me a note and let me know you called by - I won't try and do any 'touch ups' on you!!! LOL!! God bless you - HEAPS!


  1. Oh Linda you are so funny! I love how you write and I'd just love to sit and chat with you face to face! One day we'll do that... it may not be this side of glory but I think there's a table reserved for us sistahs to have a great gab fest one day! I have to laugh at your escapades yet I look at this and see no problem at all! I love it just the way it is! I have had my fair share of disasters... but I usually manage to save a few good parts and scrap the rest. Thanks for sharing it all with us Linda!

  2. wow linda you make some wonderful cards, thanks so much for stopping by and taking part in my blog candy
    good luck
    hugs tracy xx

  3. Oh Dear Linda!!! My goodness you have had a time of it haven't you?! You aren't the only one who has disasters either - I've learnt you don't glimmermist AFTER you've stamped - ugh what a mess!!! Oh, and my latest non-crafting disaster - don't dive into second base while playing softball!!! (see blog *GROAN*)

  4. wow you have renovated already! Love what you have done with the curtains!

    How are you gorgeous!?
    Sorry I haven't sent you the promised stuff, unexpected stress out week last week and the week before...crazy!

  5. Hi Linda, thanks for popping by my blog.
    you made me laugh with this post - many a time have I done something and ended up throwing a card I've spent hours on in the bin.
    have a nice day

  6. Thank you for sending the email to Priscilla, it really makes my day to feel like that our work are appreciated. Your card making journey is very fun too! Best ~Jeni

  7. Oh LInda! With all of your supposed mistakes, it is beautiful! I thin all crafters can relate! Your neighbor will love it!

  8. Linda - I thought this card was super fun!!! I was laughing so hard that my daughter came and took a look toO...we both thought that this card is FABULOUS!!!

  9. Oh Dear we all have days like this.
    I love this card the layout is beautiful.


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