Monday, May 11, 2009

A Fairytale

Every woman loves shoes and my DD2 is no exception - these 'beauties' belong to her - at 11 years old...she informed us at the age of 7 that she was a 'shoe girl' and that is so-o-o true!! MY DH took her shopping one day and came home with these - here was me thinking they had gone out for milk!!

I have to say - this is not her first heeled pair - and yes...the first pair were a result of a shopping trip with Dad, they had 2 inch heels and she 'blew us away' by being able to sprint in them, as our neighbours looked on in disbelief - this year I am thinking of hiring her out for aerating people's lawns! LOL!! (punching small holes in the grass - to aerate!!)

I made this card for the Inspiration of SCS...I was a bit intimidated by this challenge...but once I got started, there was no stopping me....I love it that we can all look at the same thing and create something so different from anyone elses - it shows me that we are all unique in our creativity!! Amazing isn't it....what is more amazing is that as people, God created us all to be unique - how cool is that!! There is no-one else like you - that makes you special!!!

The 'business' side of this card can be found on my SCS gallery. Thank you for coming, I love to read your comments and know that you have visited....my door is always open!!


  1. very nice cinders!

    Love the olives heehee, martinis have olives (I hate martinis, I was so shocked when I ordered one thinking I was being posh, vodka and gin and an olive, blew my 16 year old brains out!) Margaritas on the other hand, yummmmy!

  2. This is a gorgeous card Linda!!! Loved the story and shoes that went with it!!! :)

  3. Hi There,

    You made me outright laugh at your DH aerating lawns with her heels!

    I'm thinking of buying the Jr. High youth group girls heels and then renting them out to do lawns!

    Love Ya Linda!


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