Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pur-r-r-fect Group Photo

It is time again for Mothermark's Tea Party and this week we are grounded.....except me that is as I am have to fly to get there!!! As you can see it is all about cats this week, and chefs and POT LUCK - we all bring a dish to share - skeery!! Well Dar-r-r-lings as an animal lover I am thrilled to have such adorable creatures amongst us....I managed to sneak this Group Photo out of the Party so those of you who aren't able to attend can see what is going on - what a gorgeous crowd of gals - can you pick 'who is who' - I am not sure but I think that Peggy is there trying to disguise herself as Tigger, Mothermark is there too - now dar-r-r-lings, which one could she possibly be - I think I caught a glimpse of Marilynn!?! What about Dawn and that fire carrying cat of hers, really Dar-r-r-lings - have you ever heard of such a thing....the things people do to get noticed - you wouldn't catch someone of my 'breeding' doing that - LOL!!

...Ooops, there seems to have been a mishap with my little Kitty on the wall...oh no - she has knocked over her cup of tea...or...is she being pulled from behind by Darla who is at her first Tea Party, surely not..Darla is so sweet....no I think it might be Shirley whose C-O-O-L cats with their shade,s thought they had stolen the show, but honestly Dar-r-r-lings, their heads had swelled so BIG that we couldn't fit them in the photo...poor babies, but what is a girl to do!!! I am not really sure who would do something so terrible...I do know they may have their 'noses out of joint' by the gorgeous CAT sticker that was sent to me in a RAK from by Twisted Sister Judy Kell - how adorable it is ( I think it may have been for my DD's - opps!! Sorree!! LOL!) As you can see each of these 'Tea Party' Babes has signed this card with a special little footprint, could be worth BIG $$'s in years to come...but for now it certainly qualifies for the Our Creative Corner Challenge and the CCEEC - how exciting Dar-r-r-lings...it is party central here!!!

Also made this card for the 2RedBananas Sketch Challenge this week....I have seen from the photo that I didn't define the corners as I had intended...but have done since the photo...so hopefully it will still sneak into that challenge Dar-r-r-lings - that would be purr-r-r-fect!!!

Well, I am off to mingle and see exactly what POT LUCK means in America - I am thinking on this occasion it might mean it is POT LUCK if you get anything!!! LOL! Thanks for visiting, I would love you to leave a comment so I know you have been - I would hate to miss you!! God bless you!!

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  1. Love your Kitty card Linda!! How cute!! It does almost look like a photo! Gorgeous layout!

  2. Hee hee, funny cat!
    Haven't been around for a while still nursing the Xanadu injuries. Ouchie wahwah!


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