Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kraft-ing Today - It's an Aussie Thing

Today I am sharing something a little bit different - I am not crafting today but Kraft-ing instead.  For those of you who follow my Blog, or at least visit on a regular basis will know that recently I went on the Spellbinders Retreat in Phoenix - if not, you can read about it here and here.

While there my Aussie Team Mate and friend Beck Beattie and I  hosted an Australian Afternoon Tea - it would not be Australian without Vegemite - yes we took some along, as well as VitaWeet (Tim Tams by the dozen, Wagon Wheels and Caramel Koalas too), but in all honestly, you have never had Vegemite as it was meant to be eaten until you have had it on hot toast - and I am going to show you all how it is meant to be eaten...get those taste buds ready...

Start with a jar of Vegemite and real butter - none of this margarine business - it has to be butter!

Cook your toast - make sure it is nice and hot

Liberally spread the butter on the hot toast so it melts...

For those professionals among us, score some lines into the toast with your knife so the melting butter can soak into the toast

NOTE:  Most important - do not leave toast crumbs or any signs of Vegemite in the butter - not appreciated - just sayin'!

Start by spreading a light layer of Vegemite, you can add more as you adjust to the flavour- definitely a case of  'less is more' as you start out - but for those who LOVE it - layer it on....

Now, the most important part - get comfortable and take that first bite....feel the first hints of flavour as they make their way across your taste buds, a little bit salty, savoury and YUMBLY, as my DH would say,

You either love it or NOT!  From experience I have found that a lot of people who don't, have used too much too soon.

What is Vegemite - it is not a meat or vegetable product - it is a Yeast Extract - full of all the Vitamin B's - very healthy!

Here is a little look at the Spellbinders Aussie Afternoon Tea

I hope you have enjoyed this 'tasty morsel' I have shared with you today - something fun and different - but oh so YUMBLY!  Thank you for your comments and all of the support you give me - you make blogging such an amazing place to be!! Your encouragement is such a blessing for me - it makes my day! God bless you!



  1. I have to admit Linda, you got me hooked on it at the retreat! Now mind you no one else in my house agrees, but I love it!!! Thanks for letting me finally experience this great Aussie treat!

  2. Wishing I could give vegemite a try for myself! Someday I will be able to cross a trip to Australia off my bucket list!

  3. Oh you are adorable Linda!! You are going to have start taking orders after this post lol

  4. Oh you are adorable Linda!! You are going to have start taking orders after this post lol

  5. I liked the Vegemite! I'm going to have to print copies of everyone's blog pages... I should have taken more photos!!

  6. Getting to meet you IRL has only added to the enjoyment I get from knowing you! I laughed half a dozen times as I read this post as if you were reading it out loud to me, accent and all! LOL!I must admit, I'm on the fence. I neither loved it nor hated it, but i'm not sure if I cared for it too much. LOL!

    Such a fun post my friend!

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  8. I have tried Vegemite since my previous employment was for an Aussie company relocated here in the USA! My first encounter I politely spit it in my napkin and left the rest on my plate. However I think It was too heavy of a spread on the bread. However second time I had it with seafood and it was a perfect balance. I have thought about it since then and think it would be a great side to a spaghetti dinner. I'm just not sure I would have as a breakfast treat! What you should have packed in your bag to share is a meat pie! My boss had some flown in (no easy task may I add) But OH OH OH that's Aussie Yumbly!

  9. NAH!!!! Marmite all the way!!!! ;-)

  10. Hi Linda I have never had vegemite ,and I do not know if I can buy it in Ireland???

  11. we don't have either of those (vegemite, marmite) here locally, although i don't think i have ever checked the international food sections for it, im curious whether they would have the same taste as the one you prefer? I think its like you said, you either like it, or you dont, maybe one day i will get brave and try it, but being i have a sensitivity to yeast, its not on my bucket list, LOL!!!

  12. YUM!! I LOVE Vegemite on toast, crikey! Best breaky ever!! LOL PS Thanks for stopping by, *hugs & blessings to ya!*


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