Monday, September 15, 2014

Art is You Australian Mixed Media Roadshow - the Art

I have been busy catching up on a lot of things since coming back from the Art is You Australian Mixed Media Roadshow - but most of all catching up with family and friends.  One of the most common questions I have been asked is what did I do?  A good question and one I can best answer you by showing you....


When I was invited to be on the faculty for the Art is You Australian Mixed Media Roadshow, I have to say it was both exciting and daunting....but I was quickly put at ease by Sallianne when she told me that she did not want me to reinvent the wheel...but to bring what I do to Art is You....

Tags - each one full of techniques

A handmade box to store them - again with different techniques

I have learned that once you learn a technique, you can use it on any medium - there are no limits, except those we set ourselves.  Don't be fooled by the tags - they took quite sometime to create - as those attending the Workshops will tell you...and the box...yes...lots more time - it was a 6 hour Workshop and we used every minute - but did manage to include lots of laughter!

A big THANK YOU to my generous sponsors

It would not be a Workshop of mine without some gorgeous Want2Scrap bling

 Along with running my Workshops on Saturdays and Sundays, I helped with the administration in a number of ways - it was all go from dawn to dusk....and totally amazing.

I do have to add, it is impossible to put into words an experience like Art is You - it is a total experience and life changing.  You cannot help but be inspired on many levels, moved by the love that encompasses the whole Retreat and the friendships that are formed - connections that will last a lifetime and enrich your life in ways you never imagined.

Thank you for your comments and all of the support you give me - you make blogging such an amazing place to be!! Your encouragement is such a blessing for me - it makes my day! God bless you!
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  1. So great to be able to relive these wonderful moments we all had in Australia. Thanks for the post Lindo!


Thank you for your comment, I read and appreciate each one - you make my day! {{hugs}}}