Friday, August 29, 2014

Art is You Australian Mixed a Media Roadshow

Hello Blog friends, the Art is You Australian Mixed Media Roadshow is an amazing experience and I would love to be update you more, but the Wifi, or lack of it, along the way is limiting, inspire of our search for it....and believe me we try ... Some of us more than others! LOL!

There is no lack of good company, this Team is amazing, the bus trips are are definite highlight for us all, along with the many food stops along the way.  You could not get a more amazing Event Manager than Sallianne McClelland, she has make this trip memorable on so many levels...we all love her dearly and appreciate the way she has made sure we are all looked after.

We have driven from Lake McQuarie to St Kilda, Victoria, via Canberra, and are on our last day of Roadtripping to the Sunshine Coast, the laughs we have had are too many to mention....

The entertainment is endless with Michael and 'Setho' ... Michael is a laugh a minute and has us all laughing...don't be fooled by Seth's quietness....he is one funny guy too...they certainly helped make the Roadtrip amazing!

That is all from me today, I have the best intentions to type more but the days are busy and so much is constantly going on...I will be back with more and photos of the art and the artists...I now you are eager to seem them.

Thanks for stopping by, you know I love to see you and appreciate each and every comment!
until next time


  1. Thanks for this post Linda. So nice to look back and remember all the amazing moments we have had...and will still have until this roadshow officially ends. Looking forward to all your future posts!

  2. Love that you are having so much fun, and being so inspired - enjoy the Sunshine Coast and I am looking forward to 'seeing' you a little more frequently.

  3. Lucky lucky you, loving the photos.

  4. Ms Linda (swtanxiety94@yahoo.com)September 5, 2014 at 10:39 AM

    Linda. sharing this wonderful experience makes me jealous for I was not invited to attend. The fun in showing your craft is the bless of love you receive for giving of yourself. Cherise every moment . Blessing and continue to enjoy

  5. Great photos of so many exceptional artists! Thanks for sharing.


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