Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spreading my Wings

One of the things I love about this creative journey we are all on, is the evolving - growing and learning and coming to the place where we feel free to do 'it'.  'It' being the ability to step out of our comfort zones, from doing that thing that we can do so easily and while it is fabulous, we have the inner knowledge that there is more....so much more to be discovered.

My signature style is Shabby Vintage/Vintage and I love it - it will always be a strong part of me and what I create. I have had an inner battle about labeling what I do - not so much for me but to have an answer when people ask what I do and expect me to label myself...for someone who predominantly creates cards and 'dabbles' with scrapbooking and some altered art, I have never needed a label to justify what I 'do' but more to have an answer for people who ask.

xxxx Relics and Artifacts Rising Spirit IV with Wood Support

I am very grateful to have input and encouragement from my dear friends Seth Apter and John Creighton Petersen, the 'other men in my life'  Three years ago while in Phoenix I was able to get some clarity - Seth told me, 'I have seen what you do with paper - you are an artist!' Later that day the amazing Linda Moldern Peterson added, 'you are an artist - maybe not a fine artist, but an artist'  This was a moment of 'clarity' for me - and I am so grateful to both Seth and Linda for their input.

My very dear friend John Creighton Petersen - my 'brotherfromanothermother' was always been there encouraging me to 'spread my wings' - pushing me when I got too comfortable and encouraging me in new things.  It was during one of John's Workshops on the Australian Mixed Media Roadshow that I decided to 'spread my wings' and create something very different for me - but so comfortable too.

I have used the Relics and Artifacts Rising Spirit IV with Wood Support, along with lots of Finnibair paints and product, under the great guidance of John, who showed me how to use the products and then let me 'do my thing - and I was in my element.  I don't think John was quite prepared for the freedom I felt - it was a great feeling when he came past and exclaimed 'Linda!! Where did that come from!?!'  I have to say, it was always there - definitely a part of me, that just needed encouraging to surface.

If you have any questions about product - please feel free to leave them here and I will ask John (LOL) I was too busy using them to take notes - but I do know there was black gesso - love that stuff.

I could not finish this post without thanking all those who have been part of my journey - and continue to do so - especially Sallianne McClelland, my dear friend, dynamo and Sistah who has believed in me and given me the most amazing opportunities - enabling me in every way!!  To Andrea Mantus DeMeng, Michael DeMeng and Kecia Frazee Deveney - you guys are amazing and I am so grateful for your friendship love and support - you have inspired me to reach further and not to be afraid to try anything - I {{{heart}}} you all!!  Love my #artfamily!!

Take care friends - thank you for your comments and all of the support you give me - you make blogging such an amazing place to be!! Your encouragement is such a blessing for me - it makes my day! God bless you!

{{{Hugs}}} and happy crafting


  1. Your muses have certainly been working overtime! So glad you're busting out and reaching for the next stage in your artistic journey and are learning the lesson to go where your talent and creative interests take you! Gorgeous piece, of course! Looking forward to seeing what's next :)

  2. Oh Linda this is so you, although it may be different to what has gone before it has your signature style all over it.! great to see you are growing and evolving in your art.

  3. It is beautiful! I love the black gesso, great idea. Enjoy your amazing journey. Hugs.

  4. It used to be called "cross-crafting". Now it's "mixed media", and you sure mixed beyond your "usual" media, to great effect.


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