Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a Quick One Today....

because it is my birthday and I am going to indulge in all things 'wicked' - okay nice thought but seriously, I am going to 'chill out' and enjoy the day, while I slowly age second by second....arghhhh!  Can you tell I am feeling old today!! LOL!

I am showing you two more bookmarks, these are favourites of mine, I love the french vintage look and this set of stamps is one I have that does not see ink often enough!!!

They are pretty self explanatory really, I love it that these ones have a masculine as well and are great to slip in with a masculine card, for that little something extra.

Don't you just love this image, I did it on textured CS to give it more of an aged feel.  The embossed CS underneath adds so much textur - I love texture and have used it on the back as well.

Short post for me isn't it - well, don't get used to it, I have HEAPS of creations coming up in the next few weeks - so BRACE  YOURSELF and keep that coffee brewing for your visits!!!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes that I have been receiving by every means possible, you are all making my day special...speaking of special - let me show you how we celebrate special events....are you ready for your sugar levels to take a HUGE jump...

YUMBLY isn't it - Black Forest Chocolate Pavlova!!  Sadly I won't be having this as I am diabetic...sigh!!  But I did get something special...my DH & kids gave me my Passport for my birthday...does he want me to leave him - NO WAY!!!  I am heading off to my homeland (New Zealand for those of you who don't know) at the end of May as a birthday present - look out MUM ( aka SuperNan)  Get those Craft Supplies ready otherwise I will go into withdrawal - and even more special is the fact that my DD1 is coming with me - she is working part time and wants to get a ticket and come with me - how much fun will that be, I am so looking forward to having this time together with her and the NZ family!!

Thank you for visiting today - if only it was in person!!  I am off to have lunch and watch a movie with my DH - BEAUT-I-FUL!!  I do appreciate the lovely comments and things you share here - you make my life so much richer - I am going to have to drop an 'L' word - I do LOVE you all - I am allowed to get gushy - it is my birthday! LOL! Have a great day!  {{{hugs}}}


  1. Happy Happy birthday.. Hope you have an awesome day.. I am sure it will be filled with lots of lovin..These book marks are awesome. I love the way you photographed them...Looks so pretty..Have a fun day.


    Your book marks are the BOMB..so gorgeous!!! Hugs ~S~

  3. Linda I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday! (((HUG)))

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your visit home!! Love these bookmarks and all the fabulous texture,great images too!!
    Hugs xx

  5. Hello Birthday Girl ~ My you kept that a secret!!!
    How can we send you fabulous cards if you don't drop a few hints beforehand!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day.

    Sharon x

  6. Beaut bookmarks - love the look of them.

    Exciting news that you are about to travel - I wonder what I can do to try and meet you.... darn - it's between babies and we will have a boarder then too!! :-(

  7. Have a great day hun! Sorry you can't have the cake. I know how you feel. My sister and father are diabetic too. Miserable isn't it!
    Hope you have fun anyways!
    Teri x

  8. Happy birthday Linda! I sure hope you have a wonderful day!


  9. Happy Birthday Linda. I love the bookmarkers you made. And to think, I have the same stamp set and embossing folder. You really have done a wonderful job. Hope you enjoy your day.

  10. Happy birthday Linda!!! I really love all the little bookmarks you have been making!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday!! my dear sister in Christ. The bookmarks are lovely blessed are your hands too create.

  12. Happy Birthday Linda. I love these book marks just my style I am in love with the Paris look at the moment lol (hoping to go for a couple of days this year (pennies allowing)

    Love Dawn xx

  13. Another Happy Birthday dear Linda!!! What a thoughtful gift you received! Enjoy that visit! Love all the bookmarks you've been making! Gorgeous every one! Blessings on your year ahead as you seek to glorify God in all you do!!!

  14. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had much fun.*grin* I do enjoy your bookmarks and love the vintage look here. How exciting to go home to NZ for a birthday gift. You have a wonderful husband and family! Lots of love, Lori

  15. wow these are stuning hun adore those bookmarks really need to get some made myself,yummy cake too hun and a very very happy birthday love hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  16. Oh Linda~

    How exciting! Happy Birthday, my Friend! This is a time to look back and recall times that made you laugh the most. And, then, think of all of times that will make you happy and laugh in the future. My husband just had his biggest birthday yet, and he is actually laughing more and taking time to enjoy things more often.

    Your trip sounds so marvelous! Travelling with your daughter alone is a special time, too, I am sure. The closeness that will come from travelling and sharing together will last a life time.

    For your birthday, I hope you have lots of Joy, and that you Dance a lot this year!

    I now have those two things in my life. They have brought me much love, closeness, fun, laughter, intimacy, it lets me feel so much Closer to Him, and pure enjoyment in life!

    I hope you connect with ALL of these feelings and more! Happy Birthday, dear Friend.

    He IS Able,
    Traci S.

    p.s. I almost forgot! I love your vintage looking bookmarks! OH, imagine bookmarks with a bit of lace and painted with water-colors or distressed reinkers? You and your flowers...are incredible. Enjoy some time in you garden, drinking something enjoyable.

    They do sell Splenda and it can make: Hot Chocolate, ice cream and cakes as well as cookies and other items. I'm a diabetic and I have ice cream every night!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday Linda! Oh I bet you can't wait for your trip- what a wonderful gift from your Man!! I hope your time with your family and in your homeland is relaxing and filled with TONS OF CRAFTING! Enjoy Girlie! Blessings and hugs, Heather

  18. Beautiful bookmarks Linda. :) I hope your birthday was wonderful... :) Michelle

  19. Hope you had an awesome time in NZ and a wonderful B'day....as for the diabetes....my son(11) has Type 1 diabetes and can eat anything, we just count the carbs to accommodate....happy to help out if you wish to have a piece of that yummy Black Forest Chocolate Pavlova in the future....Mel


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