Monday, August 13, 2012

Christmas Birds

I am going to be visiting Melbourne next month and it got me thinking about the gorgeous Christmas Shop they have there.  I love this set of Christmas Birds my husband brought me when we were there for a wonderful few days last year.

Each bird is beautiful in it's own unique way....

the warm colours

Pearlescent shimmer

sweet little faces

and did I say shimmer - I can nearly hear them singing now!

I have been looking around our home and have so many favourite things, I thought it was time I shared one or two - these birds were my inspiration for my card on yesterday's post - if you didn't see it you can click HERE.

Before I go...did you know that Paper Crafting is not the only creative thing I do.....I have tried my hand at a number of things will be sharing some of them here in the next little while....got you wondering!? LOL!



  1. Darling birds! I see why you adore them, me too! I pinned them to my "Birds" board for future inspiration. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to share tomorrow!

    Love 'n hugs!

  2. Now this is a tease, Linda - I know paper craft is your forte, but now I am hanging out to know what else :-). love your birds and I can see how they could inspire you.


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