Thursday, August 16, 2012

Other than Paper....

It has taken me longer than I thought, but I am back to show you one of my other projects - 'Other than paper' that is....

Would it surprise you to know that before I got into my papercrafting obsession, I used to knit.  My Mother taught be at the age of 6 and I knitted for a number of decades - infact up until four and a half years ago, due to damage in my hands.....

I have always loved lace

and flowers - I have hand embroidered those little roses onto this Pomander, a lady who lived down the street when I was growing up, taught me to make these when I was around ten years old....they are so pretty and about the only embroidery I do!

The wool used is very fine, 2 ply infact and the needles tiny, but well worth every stitch.  Scented oil in the center adds such a sweet touch.

Satin ribbon to hang from is the finishing touch - this is the only one I have kept, the rest have been given as gifts - hopefully something that is treasured - definitely from the heart!

Thank you for your comments and all of the support you give me - you make blogging such an amazing place to be!! Your encouragement is such a blessing for me - it makes my day! God bless you!


  1. So very beautiful, Lovely Linda! Love the tiny rose and your precise and even stitches. . nice work and I'll bet these were treasured by each recipient! Hugs!!

  2. You are multi-talented my friend - what a beautiful creation! And yes, two ply on fine needles takes a while (especially when knitting a shawl!!)

  3. These are very sweet Linda, and great for a new baby gift.

  4. Would it surprise you to know we have more than papercrafting and The King in common??
    I'm a knitter, (amongst other textile obsessions!) and I love lace!!
    The pomander is lovely. Very feminine and I'm glad you kept one for yourself!

  5. This is so Beautiful Linda..Loz


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