Friday, February 19, 2010

Too Many Tears

On Tuesday our eldest daughter lost a close friend and has been devastated. I do appreciate the prayers for her, and love expressed to her - it means so much to her and us! I decided I wanted to make her something other than a card to have in memory of her friend James.

So I made this bookmark using one of my favourite Layers of Color art stamp sets, Gothic Crosses.  I added a RubOn from Stampin' Up, what was just perfect.

I stamped the cross onto the DP and then stamped it again on CS, cutting it out and popping it up on foam tape.  Fine ribbon was added through an eyelet and then I threaded two beads onto it.

I also stamped a SU Sentiment on the back and added the words 'Memories' and 'James'.....finishing off with the small flourishes from the Touch of Elegance art stamp set.  I am hoping this will be something that she will keep and will bring her some comfort, knowing that her friend James and his gift of friendship to her is remembered.

Before I sign off I just want to share with you what has been going on in my mind over the past few days....

As a parent it is very hard to sit back and let your child find their way through the grieving process, just guiding from the sidelines. Her friend was someone who she 'spoke' with everyday since meeting him, they laughed together and talked about the things they were going through, helping each other along in their own way! Her sadness is unbearable for her at times and it is early days yet....James has been part of our household in so many ways and I am touched by the impact that one life of just 17 years can have on a 13 year old girl - not in a romantic way, but as an older brother and much loved friend. This is even more amazing as it is someone she has met on facebook through friends - does this make her loss any less significant - I think NOT, infact in some ways it makes it deeper - as there is always the regret of never having met in person, the sad thing is that he was coming here to meet her in a few weeks....

This got me thinking about relationships we form on the Internet with people, how is it possible to never have actually met someone but to feel such a connection and to have a special place in your heart for them - I would say that most of us who cardmake and have blogs or Galleries on Community Noticeboards have come to care deeply for people and dare I even say it - LOVE them....these relationships are commonplace in today's 'techno' age, where we used to have penpals. I for one and so grateful for them, I have met so many of you online and you have made my life richer and I call you friend. We have share a love for paper, some of us share a faith and we have certainly shared our hearts - this gives me a greater understanding of the depth of loss my girl is feeling - I don't honestly know if I could be as brave as she is being.

Thank you for visiting and for listening!!  I always appreciate your comments, they make my day!  God bless you!


  1. Wow this is beautiful, i love the beads and the beautiful sentiment. Fabulous gift
    love tasha xx

  2. Oh linda hun you have put into words beautiuflly about your daughter and how us card makers make so many amazing friends,and how we feel for them as you say some of them love. I am so sorry to hear about your daughters loss hun as I too have been there with my children after they lost someone dear to them.
    With a mum like you hun your daughter will come through stornger and wiser with the knoweldge that her mum was there to guide her through. That cross is stunning so beautifully put togther with love and warmth take care my sweetie and love to you daughter too bless her heart hugs cheryl xxxxx

  3. Linda you've created a beautiful keepsake for your daughter and I'm sure she will cherish it forever. I am so sorry she has to feel such heartache at her age but with your support she will make it through. I agree....the friendships we've created in this community are as deep (if not deeper)and I cherish every one of my on-line friends very much. Hugs to you and your girl.

  4. Oh Linda... what a good mum you are! Your beautiful keepsake will be treasured for ever and I know Bronte has to go through this process but you are right there offering the encouragement and prayer she needs, while recognizing sometimes they just have to go through the process and you can't rush it or them. I loved your words on our on line friendships we all have made... in many ways they are just as precious to us as the ones we have right next door to us... and in many ways, this on line community supports us, encourages us, prays for us and lifts us up like no other. When we make friends with someone across the globe.. and share so much in common there is a bond developed that can't even be explained... and when our faith is shared... it's even more so. It opens our eyes just a little bit to what it will be like in heaven when one day we will all be singing and praising our Savior in one voice, arm in arm before the throne of the Almighty. I like to think about that picture in my mind because I know it's not likely that I will ever be able to come to AU to visit but I do know where I'm going one day.. and you'll be there too!!! What a thought! Can't wait to give you that big hug Linda! Thanks for always encouraging and always sharing your heart!

  5. Amen to what Grace has said, Linda, my friend!!!Bronte has been on my heart since you had asked me to pray for her a few days ago. She will get through this and grow stronger in the process!!! I love, absolutely love this bookmark and how amazing it is for you to have found just the right rub on's!!! You are such a great Mum and you are doing the right thing not forcing her to do anything she does not want to do right now. I also absolutely agree with your words on how much, even though it is only in our computer, we can grow to love someone. I am not afraid and ashamed to say I love you my Sister in Christ!!! I think of you so many times and pray that all is well with you!! With certain people you just feel connected and you my dear friend Linda are one of them. Stay strong for your beloved daughter and I will do my part and keep on praying. Sending you and Bronte many {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} and blessings, Sabrina

  6. Linda, what a beautiful gift you have made your daughter!! She will cherish it forever and keep the memory of her dear friend James close to her heart. And She will get through this difficult time because she has such a strong mum by her side. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.. XXXX

  7. Ah Linda, you got me teary eyed the first thing in the morning. Bless your daughter and James and YOU, you are a gift to us all. Always a lovely word for all and I cherish our friendship. Hugs, Grace

  8. Oh Linda my friend, I just had to tell you how beautiful this is..the rest I already told you in an email.
    {{{{{{{{{warm hugs to all}}}}}}}}}}

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your daugther (and your) loss. It is so hard when young people leave us. And for your daughter to go through such a grief in such a young age must be very hard.

    I do know quite a bit about online relationships as I ended up living togheter with a man I met online, and I do think that it is so fantastic of you to aknowlegde your daughters online relationship and allow her to grief over someone she has never met. I know people who would not understand that you can have feelings for someone you have only spoken to online, but what do they know.

    I belive that your beautiful bookmark, will give her something to hold on to during this very difficult time, something physical to represent the person she is missing. I think this is a very caring and beautiful gesture from you, showing her that you love her, care for her, understand and acknowlegde her grief. All and all, she is a lucky girl having a mum like you.

    Take care!


  10. Linda,
    I can't imagine watching my daughter go through something so painful and you probably feel it multiplied. My girls are just little so I have not had quite the same experience. But I know when they hurt, I do also. So you and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers. I think a bookmark is a lovely way to commemorate such a dear friend.
    Yours, Holly

  11. Linda, my thoughts and prayers go out to your daughter, your family and the family of James. May God lift you all up and give each of you the strength you need.

  12. Linda, my thoughts and prayers are with your daughter and your family at this terribly sad time. You have put into words so beautifully something I think we all know but rarely express about friendship. Friends are a blessing from God and no matter how "slight" that friendship, it is still a blessing and we should give thanks for it. With my love, Squirrel xx

  13. Linda, this is such a gorgeous keepsake, I'm sure Bronte will treasure it always. As a mum seeing your children go through heartache there is only so much you can do isn't there. But with love, understanding, support and time she will get through this difficult time. Sometimes it's the children that have the ability to deal with these tragedies better than the adults. Stay strong for her.
    I know exactly what you mean about the friends we meet on line...they actually become like family, especially when they offer support and encouragement and I feel truly blessed to have met some beautiful people through blogging that I cherish. Thank you for always sharing what's in your heart and being the beautiful person you are!
    Extra big hugs,

  14. You know I've been praying for Bronte these last few days of knowing about this. Time will heal her tender heart, and your acts of love is helping her get through it.

    I agree--the people we meet even online can turn out to be some of the most rewarding (and loving) relationships! My life has also been enriched by online friendships with those who share this amazing art form--and especially those who share our Faith! When one of our Christian sisters (or brothers) is hurting, we all hurt. And we're here to lift them up in prayer and love them. Your daughter has many thoughts and prayers going up for her. You're being such a wonderful mum Linda.

  15. You've done it again my friend and made me wipe a tear from my eye!! Have been praying for you and Bronte these past few days - God will get you all through this difficult time, at times in unexpected ways that you will treasure, as you know they will be 'God moments' tailored just for you.

    The bookmark will be treasured, I am sure - it is a beautiful work of art.

    Blessings and prayers, my dear sister in Christ.

  16. Such a beautiful Treasure for your daughter Linda. It is a tragic loss for someone so young. Give her lots of hugs from us..Hugs..Laurel

  17. A beautiful creation...all the soft sponging is lovely!

  18. Linda, sorry for the late visit. After these few busy weeks, I finally decided to stop everything from crafting for this weekend and reserve every single minute for myself to just enjoy visiting bloggers.
    What a heartful creation to make for your daughter. I am sure she need the support and glad to get it from you. Hope your daughter can get through this soon :o)

  19. What a beautiful post, Linda! I pray that you are comforted knowing that your sweet daughter is in the Hands of God. He knows exactly what she is going through and is carrying her close to His Heart. I believe this is what you see as her being brave. We truly CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Often times we forget who we really are and believe the lies that we are weak. But when we remember what Scripture says, we are empowered!!!

    I lift up your daughter especially now, but also your family as everyone is affected... May the power of the Holy Spirit be evident in and through you during this difficult time. May God's grace and mercy fall abundantly upon you, and His love and peace permeate your heart and mind. Nothing is impossible for those who believe... and truly, this too shall pass! Be strengthened now and move forward knowing that God is STILL in control {heart}
    Much love and prayers of healing ~

  20. You are able to write so eloquently. I truly feel a grief at the thought of you baby's pain. I am saddened to know your family is going through this. This generation is the "electronic communicators generation", imho. I think it makes no difference how a friendship is developed. I cannot image how a 13 year old young lady can deal with the death of dear friend. You are all in my prayers. Give Bronte hugs for me. Love to you, and huge hugs, Lori

  21. This is a wonderful project and what a great idea to make a bookmark remembrance -- this will be something that can be used and looked at for a long time to come and holds special meaning not only for the person lost but for the person it was created for and by. I now know what you are called "Lovely Linda." Thanks for sharing.

  22. What a lovely heartwarming blog post Linda. You are such a caring loving person. I am glad to call you my BFF and share in your love and life!!!

    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :o}

    P.S. I loved the bookmark too, but after the touching post...I almost forgot...LOL

  23. Linda, beautiful post, beautiful bookmark. Glad to call you friend!

  24. This is one more occasion when I wish my English was better (you know, I am German), so it would be easier for my to express my thoughts and feelings. I am convinced that it does not matter where or how you get to know someone for having strong feelings of friendship, concern or even love. I have a stamp with the sentiment "You don't find friends, you recognize them". My son (17 year old) met his closest friend via the internet in a forum about motorcycles. They regularily spend weekends together in our house. He just followed his parents, who had done so before, my husband with Volvo-Car-Enthusiasts and I through crafting and it has enriched our life so incredibly! And it does not depend on having met personally, there are such outstanding people like you, Linda, with whom I feel conected as if I would have known you personally for years! Big hugs!

  25. I saw someone mention they were praying for you in another entry so I scrolled back to find out what had happened. I am sorry to hear about your daughter's loss. I bet she will remember James the rest of her life, it sounds like he touched her in a special way with his friendship. I never thought of it in that regard but our online friends are like old fashioned pen pals, but ramped up to a different level . . . and very dear and precious. Thanks for your htoughts on that, hugs to your daughter.


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