Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hat's Off to Rebel!!

I have combined two challenges with this card - the first being the Tuesday TeaParty which is being hosted by another 'Twisted Sister' this week - there is such a fun story along with this one - basically about bears, drums and Santa....we hve to say what we would  love for Christmas or what we would NOT love...and I have combined them in this card!

Rebel the Bear decided that he was going to move in with us and show us how to L-I-V-E out loud - he brought with him something we would LOVE for Christmas and that is SNOW - especially when we have just experienced a mini heat wave and it looks like our Christmas is going to be HOT!  So Rebel is living our dream - what an animal!! LOL!

The thing I personally, would like the least for Christmas is a drum, which I hear there was one in CarrollAnn's story - but dar-r-r-lings, I am married to a drummer and let me tell you - one set of drums in the house is enough, even thought my DH is a gifted player - we have a keyboard, guitar, recorder. MP3's, MP4's, CD Players...it seems that everything we have in this house makes noise - including us - so NO drums, no matter how appealing they look - NO THANK YOU!!!  Anyone bringing them can 'beat it' and leave with them!  (Sorry I couldn't help myself on that one! LOL)

As you can see Rebel's hat has come off - now technically he is wearing one and this qualifies him for the Saturday Spotlight with Hidden Potential where it is all about Hats!!  This is my first card for this challenge, I have tried each week to get there...but...never made it!!  So here I am...just making it in as Rebel is living up to his name and that hat is having trouble staying 'in the picture!' LOL!

Now I have to tell you this little incident I had - I read a tutorial about making your own Flowersoft - it has taken me weeks to get some poly-whatever and I had  to grate it - easy enough I thought to myself - YEAH RIGHT!!  Nowhere in the tutorial does it say that the stuff flies everywhere and sticks to everything - I went to pick the kdis up from school the other day looking like I had the worst scalp condition in history - what is that all about!?!?  So if anyone has some helpful hints about this technique - PLEASE tell me!  You will note - there is no Flowersoft used on this card - it is somewhere between my scalp and the school....the rest in is my bed and through my pillow - I am 'skeered' to do the washing!!  But what can you do!?!?! LOL!

Thank you for looking and for your encouraging comments - I love it when you visit!  God bless you...and watch out for stray Flowersoft - it may not be all that it seems! LOL!


  1. Girl, you crack me up, LOL!!! You are way too funny with that home made Flower Soft :D:D:D!!! I'll have o send you mine as I really don't know how to use that stuff...it never looks like what other's do with it. ;D. I love your card...rally LOVE it!!! That bear is so cute and your coloring is as always out of this world!!! Sending yu big hugs from not so hot Arizona, Sabrina

  2. Love that bear!! What a fun card.

    Have you tried rubbing the two layers of polystyrene together inside a plastic bag?? That's all I can think of to help ;-)

    We too have lived with a drum set (DS) so I can understand your sentiment on that score :-).

    You can come over here and take some of our rain back with you!! Please, Pretty Please, we are sick of the rain!!


  3. AWWW Linda this is soooo super cute, what a darling card!

  4. This is so adorable,love your image and such fantastic colouring!!! Love your flowersoft story....lol...was going to ask about it when you mentioned it in one of your comments.Might wait now until it is fine tuned....lol...
    Hugs xx

  5. Oh this is just too cute Linda! LOVE this fun image!!! I'm laughing at the picture you have painted with FS all over yourself, and everywhere else! I have lots of trouble with static too... I wish you'd tell me how to stop it if you figure it out! Love your card Linda!!!

  6. He,he,he - you are crackin' me up - Linda!!! Your card is totally cute!!! Hugs ~S~

  7. Love the card and love your story even more! My Dad plans the drums too... My son plays trumpet and another son plays guitar...oh dear!
    But they do say if you can't BEAT them join them...terribly hot here too and extremely dry. Sharon x

  8. BWWHAA!! Oh Linda, I just adore your fun story with this sweetheart bear!! HE's too cute and your coloring really makes him come to life sweetie!! I'm so thrilled that you've found time to play along with us this week at Saturday Spotlight hun!! Your work is always amazing!! HUGS

  9. This is just the sweeteset image Linda!!! So fun!! Your coloring and design rocks my friend!! Beautiful take on the SSHP!! YOur blog is always a blessing!!

  10. Cute card and story! Even in Michigan, USA, we don't always have snow on Christmas anymore. Kind of a bummer, but mother nature makes up for it in the new year.

  11. This is an adorable image and you really made him pop out against the beautiful card !!!!! You are so amazing I love your cards.
    Ashley Lydiar

  12. Such a fun image and perfectly showcased in this card! Thanks for playing in this week's Saturday Spotlight challenge!!

  13. LQ (laughing quietly 'cause I have a migraine)! Oh, your story is SO funny, girlfriend! And I just ADORE that bear stamp, how cute is that!! I love stamps with action in them! He's too cute!
    Well, soon we're expecting our first snow of the winter, we always pray for a white Christmas! (but this year after my daughter and her hubby fly here, then we can get snowed in together)!

    Delightful to come visit here, as always! Hugs to you, Linda (even with the transfer of poly-whatever!)

  14. Absolutely georgeous Bear. I also tried to make flower soft from the tutorial and it did not work. So I stupidly placed the polystyrene in my food processor. It went everywhere and I am still picking pieces off the walls so DON'T try this...Loz

  15. How cute is that bear!!! LOL... awesome work yet again Linda!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!!!

  16. LOL I am cracking up.> That is so funny.. My daughter played the drums.. I gave them back to her father when she went to college.. Grr. they are loud.. This creation is so sweet Linda. I love the image.. I have not seen it before.. Great job. Hope all is well with you..

  17. Your bear looks great!

    I have no idea what Flowersoft might be, but it sounded scary so I think I will stay off it ;o)


  18. Just love this bear and what you did with the chalking and layout super.
    X Chriss


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