Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Son!!

It was my DS's birthday yesterday - I can't believe he is already 15 - where did that time go!?!  It seems like yesterday he was in a humicrib, struggling for his little life and here he is today - a walking  miracle, turning 15 and such a fabulous young man, he makes parenting so easy!!! 

I made this card many months ago for in an Inspiration Challenge on SCS and knew straight away that I would save it - the image is actaully a tag that came off a baseball cap he got last Christmas...I knew he would love this card...and he did! (phew!)

I thought I would show you....it is easy to make a card with recycling on it as well.  I embossed black CS and then wiped the White Ink Pad over it to add to the effect.  That fabulous brad came from my friend Hannah (aka bubblefrog)...you know, so mnay times I nearly leave out the 'r' and put 'fiend' - in some cases it would be more appropriate to leave it that way - not that I am saying this about Hannah...LOL!

The sentiment is from a set of clear stamps my DD1 gave me for Christmas last year - it has the best sentiments on it and has been used so often!.

That is it for me for now - I am off to try and get some Christmas cards made - last year I gave everyone ....dare I say it...prepare yourself for this...'BOUGHT ONES!' Yes - shock horror - I only made a few for my crafting friends and the rest got shop ones - I nearly caused a scandal...but they were nice ones - with beautiful scriptures in them and foil lining...very pretty - but not handmade with love - I am not prepared to risk those friendships this year...so I had better get moving! LOL!

Also - thanks to those of you who have given me tips for Flowersoft - Loz even warned about putting it in the Food Processor - for that warning I am so grateful - I had actually given that some consideration this morning...LOL!  It seems, for anyone interested, the best way is to put the balls into a plastic bag and rub them together - apparently this works - I will let you know how I go with it - knowing me....the bag will burst - if it does - I will get photos and show you!!

 Look what happened when we had cans of Diet Coke in our bar fridge, which is in our bedroom - we heard a massive explosion - I thought two cars had collided on the street it was that loud - after searching everywhere, we found that the bar fridge door has been BLOWN OPEN and this is that we found...

.....we were in hysterics - can you imagine if it happened when we were sleeping - SKEERY!! LOL!  It blew the top right off that baby!!  And yes - those are my lipsticks in there as well - they melt over here in summer - thankfully none of them were hurt in this terrible accident!  You gotta look after the things that matter!! LOL!

So keep watching this space...there could be some interesting photos coming your way - who said card making is boring - not at my house!! LOL! Thank you for looking and for those lovely comments you leave - you make my day - I love seeing that you have visited!!  Have a great day...and stay away from polywhatever and blenders....and maybe cans of Diet Coke!!  God bless you!!


  1. Omg..I love diet coke...I am thinking that your frig got too cold..was that the case?? You sure do keep in interesting :) Thanks for sharing those skeery pictures..LOL

  2. Oh ick!! You have a diet coke slush! My fiend, I mean friend!

  3. Dear fiend Linda!! You are a HOOT!! Tell me more about the flower soft, what balls were you rubbing together, not the ones from the car wash I hope!!

  4. Hi Linda - What a noise that explosion must have been - never mind the mess, my fiend.... not the first time I have seen lipstick in the fridge - it happens over here too.

    Great to hear that I am not the only one mass producing Christmas cards....

    Love your posts

  5. Happy belated birthday to your son - Linda!!! The card is awesome...glad to hear he liked it too!!!

    Exploded soda can....yikes - don't ya just hate when this happens??? I bet it scared the heck out of you...?!? Glad your lipsticks are still intact - LOL!!! Hugs ~S~

  6. Eeeks, What a mess and quiet an explosion! That fun to see in photos though LOL. You sure keep things interesting there. I still have no idea what caused the explosion, at first I thought somehow the flowersoft and the ball had something to do with it.... but now I think you were still figuring what did it :) Phyllis' comment is so funny!

  7. Geez, did your coke get a little too cold??? I really like you birthday card for your DS. There are so many cool tags out there to use, great idea!!

  8. Thats funny and I have never seen a can do that will watch the little buggers.


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