Sunday, July 28, 2013

On a Personal Note....

It has been a hard week for our household - on Friday we had to say goodbye to our beautiful 'baby' Molly.


Nearly 13 and her quality of life had deteriorated over the past little while.  My Dad who had worked with animals for as long as I can remember always told us that animals will let you know when it is time - and he is right, but the reality is that they often tell us before we are ready to hear it.

This week we could not put it off any longer - and the family said our goodbyes - not as easy as it looks in these photos - tears flowed - but she was ready......my DH and I took her to the Vet, who was wonderful and we stayed with her as she took her last breath - nothing prepared us for that moment - heartbreaking...only slightly eased by the knowledge that she was at peace and out of pain.

Molly was our first family pet and loved by us all - my husband and I, along with our three teenagers.  She was the runt of the litter and it was love at first sight for us all, each one loving her in their own way and none more than the other  - her memory is now something we treasure and are so grateful for all the love she brought into our home.

Molly is also sadly missed by Charlie, who is 10 and has been her partner since he arrived into our home at 8 weeks old - we are all spoiling him and I think he might eventually enjoy being 'solo' although looks around for her when he thinks we are not looking....

...and then there is Teisha - she is the newest member but runs the household - she had an 'understanding' with Molly and they had their own arrangements..

 Molly -  her memory fills our hearts! I like to think we will see her in Heaven, I know that there will be animals there as the 'Lion shall lay down with the lamb' but do not profess to know if they are our animals that will be there - but this I know - that He made animals for our pleasure and knows our hearts very well...in Him I trust!

In the meantime I am grateful for 13 years of unconditional love from our 'furbaby' - the way her tail would wag when she was happy and how it would drop when she was unsure.  The puppy breath and the continual smooches, the way she loved each member of the family in their own way and wasn't worried if we were 'at our best' infact at these times she would love us even more.  I am grateful for true 'puppy love!'



  1. I just now read this full posting about Molly. She reminds me of our Hannah, our 12 year-old Bichon who is the center of our life and we run the household around her. So I shed internal tears for you again over the beautiful story of Molly's life with you. Blessings to you all and heavenly blessings to Molly. Be good to you!

  2. Linda, I am so sorry and my most heartfelt sympathy to you and your entire family. I know your pain and it is so awful. Prayers for healing go out to you all. Hugs!

  3. Oh Linda - shedding a quiet tear for you and yours :-(. We have had to put a few cats down through the last nearly 40 years, and it never gets any easier.

  4. Wonderfully written post, such a tribute to your dearly beloved Molly - our pets are such a special part of our lives. My heart goes out to you at this sad time. Lots of hugs.

  5. I am truly sorry for your loss Linda. I love this tribute you wrote for Molly. What a wonderful way to remember her. We have two amazing little pekeingeze that we adore. The older one has health issues but we are doing as you did and trying to keep her with us as long as possible but make the right choices for her too. I am praying for peaceful memories and healing of the sorrow.

  6. Dear Linda lots of kind thought comming your way. I will keep your word in mind; they will tell us when it's time .... Hugs from LindaS

  7. Aw, precious love and hugs to ease your sorrow, my dear friend! I understand your grief and pray for your peace and comfort. Much love to you and your lovely family!

  8. Beautiful, Linda. Our daughter's family were in the same situation a few months ago and we all felt the loss, just as your family is now.

  9. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. We have gone through the loss of a beloved pet and it is hard. I know God has blessed your family with unconditional love from beloved Molly and her memories will continue to bless you as the pain eases!

  10. Sorry for your loss, We have a spoiled rotten baby too and I can't imagine losing her. May your memories continue to comfort her!

  11. May the belief in Rainbow Bridge bring you comfort during this difficult time. Hugs and tears, Monica and The Herd


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