Thursday, June 18, 2009

Butt Ugly...

Now what inspired this card - well you should ask!! Before we go on...I should tell you that it is actually my younger sisters birthday card LOL!!! On the inside it reads...'You're how old!?!?!' I just couldn't resist it...for my sister or the challenge...read on...the story unfolds!

Now dar-r-r-r-lings, I know that in your wildest imagination you would never image me turning up to Mothermark's Tea Party with my BUTT showing - no matter what the theme - Sumo's really dar-r-r -lings....are we that desperate!?!? I think not!!! LOL!!

A lady NEVER shows her butt, not when it looks like mine anyway!! As you can see I have been working on 'toning up' for the event....but this is as 'a-la-natural' as I am going to get.....thanks to Dawn (aka flowergal36) I am able to show you this picture....thank you Dawn for being so 'private' about this....but maybe you should have reminded me to put on the SPORTS BRA - there are things here that are heading too far 'south' for my liking - they may well get there before me! LOL!!

I have been hearing come of the commotion from the party, here in Australia.....and I have to ask dar-r-r-lings...is ALL of the action outside the backdoor - I have caught the odd glimpse of 'butts' and 'cheeks' as I have made my way through the gallery.....so Cindy you may as well lock the front door - it seems no-one is using it!!! LOL!!

I have used the time spent 'toning' to refine my entry to the party and have made by own version of the sumo nappy (or lack of it!) Where is it!?!? Well dar-r-r-lings check out the pink tule bow at the top....and that is where it will be staying...there is no way it is travelling to any other 'parts' no matter what the custom - I am securely 'draped' in 'His Pants for Her' and....dar-r-r-r-lings...the way they are feeling - they should be on HIM!!!

Jasmine Tea and Saki....hmmmm...interesting choice - Cindy.....please meet me at the door with my Jasmine Tea - you know how parched I am when I arrive...the trip Dar-r-r-ling...is nothing short of exhausting...but oh so WORTH IT!!

If you would like to check out Mothermarks's Tea Party, you can find it here. It will be a HUGE event next week - Cindy is celebrating 1 year of parties....and only the good Lord would know who is going to be there....but this I know - it will be FUN!!

Thanks for visiting....hope the 'butt ugly' butt wasn't too much for you - if so, just 'turn the other cheek' (awww) !! LOL!!! Please leave a comment.....I really appreciate them and I love to know you have been!


  1. Umm - err, some card and some party!! i have seenthe teapot and love your interpretation of it!

  2. Hi Linda! Oh thanks so much for my first early morning laugh!!! I remember when Dawn posted a card with this and I thought it was a hoot then! Never did I think I'd see her at a tea party!!! You did a great job coloring her and your story is even better! "Look out below" is what I think when I see her!

  3. SNORT!!! OMGosh Linda you crack me up - you always have such a funny story to tell!!! Hilarious card too!!

  4. Hey you were holding out on the Sumo wrestling training camp on the rest of us! No fair, you are coming to the teaparty prepared and buff! Hmm.....maybe you don't get Saki for that! Snort!

    What a kick this is. What a kick you are!

  5. Hi Linda,

    Your post had me laughing out loud, so much so I nearly fell off the chair! What a fantastic image and the story that went with it!

    Who knew cardmaking could be such a laugh.



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