Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Matter of the Heart

I have had the house to myself this morning and wanted to make my card for the His Holy Name Challenge - I love this challenge as it causes me to stop and really study the Word of God, then to create what is on my heart - this week the attribute of God is 'God who sees' and this took me on a journey that has greatly touched me and I wanted to share a bit more of it with you, than I have on SCS!

'God Who Sees!' As I read the study and took the time to 'take it onboard' I knew as I started to make this card, it was the beginning if a journey for me....there is a lot of symbolism here which has become very personal for me...I know that you will see this on the gallery and here on my blog for a time, but for me, I am putting these HHN cards into a coffee table book, for my own use and have decided to add the descriptions that I upload there to remind me of how these have impacted me....and they have...this card...is a journey of the Heart....and it started with...

Using this gorgeous filagree embossed heart...combined with this scripture...I added the ribbon and the heart embellishment to symbolise the fact that everything is tied up with the heart - God's heart and ours...we can look so 'together' externally, but God looks on our heart...our motives....the heart inside a heart symbolises that God sees our 'heart of hearts' - the real us! The ribbon around the image and holding the embellishment reminds me that everything I believe is tied up in this fact! The Book is there to symbolise the Word of God - you see this needs to be in our hearts...it will stand for all time, never fade away...it is our 'user manual' for life and brings hope and encouragement, truth and life....I want to not only know it 'by heart' BUT 'in my heart' where it holds eternal value! My DH has a passion for the Word of God that constantly challenges me...he wants it to be part of him and have it deep in his heart, so much part of his life here and eternally, as it will not perish!

I have layered this on an embossed panel of hearts, reminding me - it is all about the heart, there is no denying it - the edges have been sponged with distressing ink...how symbolic this is of that state my heart can be in when I allow other things to come and and effect me, sometimes so subtly, other times by choice, either way it contaminates....it then moves to white....clean and pure....how I long to be!! The three brads symbolise the Trinity - I was going to use copper ones, but felt that the older looking ones were more relevant - you see this message...'God Who Sees' stands for all time, has weathered every age, never losing HIS impact and truth! Today, with everything beinf so disposable and having an expiry date, it is has even more meaning for me that God does not have an expiry daye - how I love that truth!

This whole process has brought about this card...I was tempted to add more and to make it more detailed, but just could not - as the study bring me back to the fact that 'God Who Sees' sees me!!! I am so challenged and would encourage you - DON'T LOSE HEART!!! It is indeed a journey we are on and with all journeys it takes time....I love it that these studies bring us back to the very depth of our being...our heart....it is one thing to have a good heart and totally another to have a RIGHT heart....my journey has not been one that has been without it's challenges, nor and I sure, has yours....my DH and I believe that we are all headed in the same direction, so lets 'link arms' and walk together....supporting one another....making it together. For us it is not about being the winner - we are all headed to our eternity....lets walk together, bringing those who are struggling along the way, supporting each other...sharing our hearts and HIS!

Thank you for taking the time to stop and share in this card and all that has come with it. I know this has been a bit if a different posting, I cannot apologise for it, as my faith is such an important part of who I am...we have certainly visited at a deeper level today - thank you for listening! God bless you!


  1. Beautiful Linda, I've enjoyed your lovely card and your wonderful post. :) Michelle

  2. LInda, I just love how you allow yourself the time to worship God. It is beautiful. I had a similar day when I was asked to be a reader in staff pray this morning. I found my day ran smoothly and I felt calm after pray.I was glad to be part of it. Your card is just beautiful too.
    Chriss x


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