Thursday, June 25, 2009


Oh my giddy aunt - who did it?!?! Who was it - where is Brat's cat!?!? Honestly Dar-r-r-lings you would think that at such a distinguished location for Mothermarks Tea Party this week, there would be higher standards....who is the Party Pooper!?!!? Here we are at Buckingham Palace and already the place is being trashed. Dar-r-r-lings I understand 'when you gotta go - you gotta go' but please...go in the right place...and if you can't find that...Shirley has brought her own Outhouse this week...I know she said it was her gift, but Dar-r-r-lings, really, do you think that it will make it into the Queen's private...ahemmm...bathroom. I have tried not to make a fuss, so I wouldn't start anything, I know how exciteable you all are...but this is ridiculous...hello...I say...hello...where is 'Niles the Butler?' Pooper Scooper needed over here NOW...it is 'ruff' finding good domestic help these days!!!

As you can see I have brought the Queen a gift - yes, the corgie, we all know HRH Queen Elizabeth LOVES corgies...and I am sure she would expect such a thoughtful gift from someone of my breeding!!! Precious little thing, by the name of Princess you know, comes with her own crown, complete with BLING and pearl necklace...those of you who are more observant(and haven't been guzzling the 'STOUT') will see that Princess has pearl earrings on as well) one cannot underdress for such an ostentatious occassion...and nothing but the best bone china for me...but I think we might leave that for HRH as well - it is just a bit too close to the...aaaahemmmm...suspect item.

I am honoured to attend this fabulous event in honour of 1 Year of Tea Parties, hosted by none other than our very own Cindy....who has taken us to the very borders of imagination...almost touching on insanity - that's my kind of trip...no packing required....you can come and go as you want - no limits - GLORIOUS!! I honour and thank you today Cindy - what a special Lady you are....if I should get a private moment with her Majesty the Queen, I shall be asking her for you to be officially made 'Lady Cindy Mothermark!' You have truly become ROYALTY to us Tea Partiers. I am so glad that I have come along for the ride....I anxiously await each new Teapot and eagerly read the description, pondering on how I will attend the party...so thank you Cindy, for those wild times that have been held between my head and Craft Central, carried over to the various galleries of those attending...

That is all for me today...I am off to plead for a ROYAL PARDON...I am sure one is going to be needed before this party is over - best get in early! Thank you for visiting...I would love you to leave a comment so I know you have been...even more than that...I would love you to come again!!
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  1. I am flabergasted at the "paw" taste of this card, and to blame this little pooch on such a large dropping.....well I think it was Harry playing one of his royal pranks on Queen Lizzie!

    But I must say beautiful grass for the royal highnie to sit on...
    Oh! splendidly done....

  2. OMGosh Linda you are just hilarious - reading your blog is quite entertaining!!! Super cute card too!!!


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