Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Yay it is Wednesday here and that means a New Mothermark's Tea Party Card.... this is such a fun challenge and you can check it out here.
I like to have a bit of fun with it and have uploaded the following to SCS....

Dar-r-rling...the word has reached my delicate ears that it is time for Mothermark's Tea Party....I heard a 'nasty' rumour that this week's party was not going to be the formal affair that it normally is - give or take a few mice, rabbits and food throwing!!! Anyone with any breeding at all would know that ladie's DON'T belly dance!!! You can try all you like Dar-r-rling but 'THIS BELLY IS NOT DANCING!' I, however, will be attending this event, as I have a reputation to upkeep, but please do not expect to find me in amongst the belly buttons and hips that will be flying around the room.....I hasten to add here that I have dressed for a Grand Occassion and am totally colour co-ordinated for the event with a touch of ...ahemmm....bling added (please look at my eyes - they are simply dazzling!)

Anyone less refined than myself would be making excuses due to the south bound destination of their belly....but I could not bring myself to do that...you won't catch me telling you that if I was to dance you would need to hire another room...this body isn't what it used to be! Instead I have cleverly distracted you with the bright colours from Cindy's teapot, the gorgeous flowers, embossing and all of that sparkle. If that is not enough camoflauge, then I would hasten to add that all of this 'gorgeousness' is layered upon a Sketch for the Our Creative Corner Challenge - dar-r-rling....does it get any better than this!!

As I arrive, please control those nasty little critters in the form of snakes...I am making my way to the refreshments table - I have brought a delicious Pavlova.....if you are not sure what that is - dar-r-ling - get educated please....ask Sistah Pat Smethers, if she ever arrives.....I hear she had a google it - if you please!! It is a grand oppulent dessert suitable for such a divine occassion as Kris's birthday - Happy Birthday Dar-r-rling - and please watch that your hips don't knock over my iced tea.....I have waited long enough for it!!!

Cindy, I would like to thank you for hosting such an event - it has been nothing short of interesting......thank you to all you 'Dar-r-lings who have stopped by to have a closer look - thank you and please leave a comment - I would love to hear your opinion about all that is going on with this!! LOL!!

What can I say...nothing that is going to explain that...LOL!! God bless you!


  1. I have a wonderful time hosting! You guys make it a kick!

    Giggle, Giggle, Snort, Snort!

  2. Ah Dahlink!!! What an uh hem, lovely lady!!! You gals sure do know how to have fun!!!

  3. Linda - you have such a way with words girl!!! You never fail to make me laugh - and I'm not well right now, so that is quite an achievement!!! Fabulous card Darrrrling!!!!

  4. She is just precious and what fun! A really beautiful card and love the colors too!


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