Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gracious Manor

When I took my last order of card to one of the fabulous little boutiques that sells my cards, the 'Gracious Manor' I asked the owner, Pam, if we could take a couple of photos and put them on my Blog. I thought you might like to have a little 'peak'...I must say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to capture the beauty of this DIVINE shop on camera. My DH took these photos and as you can see from the moment you walk in the door you are aware of the ambiance that is not only obvious to the eyes but also the other senses!

It is a pleasure taking cards here for Pam to peruse....while she looks through them I am more than content to leisurely wander around the shop, stopping at every table, cabinet and cupboard. The vintage and eclectic style of my cards is so well suited to this setting! I actually found some inspiration for some cards in some of the cabinets and am going to be working on some in the near future....and yes, we did get photos!

As many of you know it can be hard to find avenues to sell you cards, I stumbled across the 'Gracious Manor' when DH and I were going into a Market to buy herbs and spices - we walked out with an arrangement for me to bring my cards in and see how they go! I am happy to report that they are selling well and having been back once, I will be back again soon....so don't limit yourself when it comes to opportunity. I find it hard to sell my own cards, I could sell yours easily...I don't know why that it, but it happens to me BIG time! My DH steps in, usually, and does the PR stuff then steps back and leaves the business side of things to me! This time I did it myself and that made it even more of a 'buzz' for me...

So if you are 'in town' then let me know and I can bring you here for the most gorgeous shopping experience...and on the quiet....we will go from there to the scrap booking and craft place just down the road...next time I will take some photos and introduce you to that delight....

Thank you for coming into 'My Little Corner of the World' I loved having you visit, sigh - if only it was in person! Please leave a comment so I know you have been...God bless you!
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  1. Oh Linda I cannot tell you how much I would love to walk into this shop!!! It's JUST the type I LOVE!!! The ambiance is just divine!!! What a lovely place for your cards to abide while waiting for someone to take them home and post them! Thanks for sharing these pics with us... I just love seeing what stores are like elsewhere... lovely!!!

  2. Oh, Linda, this is a fabulous shop. I could spend hours there. I once went to a British Pantry where my sister lives and I loved it so much, I took photos even in the bathroom as they had it all decorated in Victorian style. So, you can see why I appreciate this. I took lots of photos when I was in Europe of the shops as their displays were wonderful, just as this one is. So, I'm right there with you my friend. Wish we could visit it together. You never know, someday!!! Never thought I would get to Europe and I did eventually get there 3 years ago. Maybe Australia is next!!! LOL!!! I'm so glad they are selling your cards there and that you have been able to even present "yourself" for a change. That shows real growth and you are evolving with your cards and your "person" every day!!! Keep it up Linda. Everything you touch turns into something "special" whether it's your cards, your s/book pages, your shops and your blog! Later my friend!!!!

  3. Wow linda - what an awesome outlet! I am regrouping and have retrived my cards from one place and have put them in another. Most mysales though are through word of mouth and subsequent private orders!

    Love your blog - you do some mind blowing work my friend.


  4. What a great little shop, I look forward to visiting it one day. I just viewed your slide show, and your cards and beautiful.

  5. What a gorgeous little shop Linda!!! I am so glad that your cards are selling so well - it always gives you such a thrill when people buy your work doesn't it!!

  6. I just love this post. It reminds me of today's visited to a local Nursury named Dragon Fly that is very similar to the pictures here. I walked around just taking in the wonderful visions of vintage flair. Next week they will be hosting a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING! Can't wait! Have a wonderful week! Abby:)

  7. OHHH that is just a lovely shop Linda!! I'd love to visit it too! What a wonderful and well earned compliment that your wonderful cards sell so well in this lovely store!!


    Deborah aka Yakky!:)


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