Tuesday, August 18, 2009

God is no Mutant!

This card is for the His Holy name Challenge where we are studying the attributes of God, this one is from a few attributes ago and is....Immutable...this word caused great conversation in our house, being a household of Sci-fi fans - God is not a mutant - He does not change!! What a concept in this ever changing world we live in!!
I love this scripture, there is no variableness neither 'shadow of turning' with God. Well Praise the Lord for that!!! I for one, do not like too much change and this is such a comfort for me, to know that He whom I love is not about to change or change the 'rules' on me!! When we had first moved here from interstate my DH decided to surprise me by changing around the lounge room for a different look and to try and get the best look for the room - I was okay with that UNTIL I saw that he had moved my chair - I felt sick and was overwhelmed with emotion...I felt so unsettled as we had only moved here a month or two prior, with 2 little ones, infact I had just had DD1 by Cesarean Section 4 months prior and the thought of things being moved was too unsettling for me. I burst into tears and asked him if he could put my chair back and when I was ready to move it, I would!! I remember that feeling oh so well - I am sure that my DH does too! LOL.

I thought about how to illustrate this attribute and decided on flowers, His creation has always been beautiful and I thought it was a good way to use symbolism. I have embossed the 'Upsy daisy' image onto gold CS and then repeated it onto the background CS in black. These flowers are crisp and have no hint of a shadow...the message is pretty clear....you don't need to alter perfection, God doesn't need altering but we do! God is in the business of changing us to reach perfection, it is an ongoing process! In light there is no darkness, He is perfect light where no darkness dwells - therefore there is no shadow - he is indeed the Father of Lights!

To finish, I added a cross and also the black half pearls, I always like to have a grouping of three embellishments (ie. the pearls) as it is symbolic of the Trinity!

Thank you for stopping by and for your encouraging comments, I love knowing that you have been! Thank you also for your feedback and comments on my HHN09 cards, I would like to add that I do discuss these studies with my DH and a lot of what I share here are a result of these discussions - so it is a combined effort in that department! God bless you!


  1. Hi Linda! What a wonderful verse you used!!! Love the flower idea and that cross is soooo perfect! I am so far behind on this book! I should have just done cards.... for some reason they come easier for me! Great job gf! God bless you!

    I left you a little goodie on my blog! Enjoy gf!!!

  2. This is a gorgeous card Linda and I love how you've used all the elements!!!! I love your post too my friend!!!

  3. Fabulous artwork, Linda!! Strong and dynamic use of color and symbolism! It's special that you also share your perspective and experiences in how God's Word and qualities fit into your life.

    Blessings to you today!


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